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5 Food-Related Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

Treat your ears to food-filled conversation with something to suit every taste

Off Menu
What would your last meal be? Join British Comedians Ed Gamble and James Acaster in their imaginary restaurant as they ask guests to choose their dream meal. More than just food, Off Menu naturally falls to include talk about travel, setting and the people who would make the meal more special. Guests so far have included Michelin star chef Tom Kerridge and American actor Rose Mcgowan.

Radio Cherry Bombe
A favourite independent magazine that celebrates cool and creative women in food with a fun podcast to follow suit. Radio Cherry Bomb hosted by founders Claudia Wu and Kerry Diamond features lively chats with exciting women from bakers, pastry chefs, stylists, writers, and cookbook authors. 

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Spilled Milk
Two funny friends come together in this simple and enthusiastic food-filled conversation. Spilled Milk hears from food writers and comedians Matthew Amster-Burton and Molly Wizenberg who devote each podcast (they’re up to No 383) to one food item - apples, hot sauce, and most recently, cheese toast. Episodes also include a junk-food tasting session where listeners send an array of international snacks, which the pair try on air. 

Global Cult Food 
YouTuber John Quilter - also known as the Food Busker - is serving up a brand new podcast where he tracks down the worlds most cult foods. Global Cult Food will see him travel the world to taste food obsessions and unpack the history behind them, and then make the dishes, sharing his failure and success along the way. First up is ramen. 

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Join Aussie hosts Emily Naismith and Ben Birchall in this factual podcast where they pick one ingredient and each share three facts, anecdotes or use for it. It's then up to the listener to decide who won the most exciting presentation by an Instagram vote. Topics range from exotic ingredients, sweet treats, and all-time favourites.

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