The fried chicken at Mexico. Picture / Supplied.

The Best Fried Chicken in Auckland

Our panel of tasters deliver their verdicts on the best fried chicken in town

"Mexico is smart in that they overhaul their menu often enough for us to wonder what’s new and worth returning for... but their fried chicken is one of those dishes we can’t not order. Juicy, crunchy, with a hit of spice and a delicious smoked paprika aioli, may it never go off the menu."
— Rebecca Barry Hill, writer

"Forget chicken tenders, Ralph's uses only the tasty dark thigh meat for their fried chook. It's perfectly done — all salty crunch on the outside, soft and juicy within. And it's served with a smoky, slightly spicy chipotle mayo, with a little citrusy zing from some lemon salt shaken over everything as a final touch."
— Jesse Mulligan, eating out editor

"Yes, the sumptuous seafood sashimi, delectable seared Hokkaido scallops and melt-in-your-mouth prawn dumplings are probably slightly better for the waistline, but the free-range karaage chicken at Ebisu is a must. Like all dishes here, these decadent balls of crisp, crunchy brilliance are designed to be shared, but you will be fighting over them — and the scrummy garlic, soy, ginger and cabbage salad and decadent Japanese mayonnaise it is served with. Delicious."
— Amanada Linnell, managing editor

“The karaage chicken from Ken Yakitori on K Rd is my favourite in Auckland. It uses whole cornflakes for extra crunch and nothing goes down better than crispy fried chicken that's lathered in mayo, washed down with cold Japanese beer on tap."
— Guy Coombes, photographer

"Renkon’s karaage chicken is a classic that I always come back to. With lemon and mayonnaise, it’s the perfect JFC (Japanese Fried Chicken)."
— Zoe Walker, associate editor

"The fried chicken at Ken Yakitori is the best. It’s coated in ginger, soy sauce and garlic and I can easily polish off a whole basket by myself washed down with some Asahi, no problem. #healthyliving #cleaneating"
— Dan Ahwa, fashion editor

"Momma's fried chicken at The Matterhorn is perfectly bite-sized and has a high batter ratio, which makes it extra crunchy and delicious. The added spice is just enough to make it interesting but not overbearing."
— Jessica Beresford, digital content producer

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