The Best Healthy Breakfasts in Auckland

The Viva team share their favourite healthy breakfast options around town

Herbed broken eggs, $17, from Major Sprout, 21 Graham St, CBD. Picture / Guy Coombes.

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day — especially for those with action-packed lives. Here, the Viva team share their go-to healthy breakfast options around town.

“When I have an action-packed day ahead, full of back-to-back meetings, I like to gather my thoughts at Major Sprout and stoke up with their herbed broken eggs served with broccolini, zucchini, and pecorino. I feel so virtuous eating my greens first thing in the morning and I love the nutty-flavoured Freedom Loaf toast it comes with. After this, I’m set for the day.” — Amanda Linnell, managing editor

“While I love a smoothie or acai bowl as much as the next person I can't stand a sweet breakfast. My favourite go to savoury breakfast is the cashew 'bagel' at Little Bird. Topped with avocado, sauerkraut and home-grown sprouts it's a super filling dish packed with good fats, protein and fibre. And it's even healthier when paired with the green detox smoothie - a real face-scruncher drink consisting of kale, parsley, coriander, turmeric, lemon, ginger and grapefruit. Perfect for maintaining immunity at this time of year." — Rebecca Wadey, wellbeing editor

“On those rare occasions where I feel like I should go for a healthier option than streaky bacon and eggs, the “Goodness Muesli” at Catroux does the trick. Healthy and fancy muesli, with ‘Coyo’ (coconut yoghurt), fresh mango, orange blossom poached pear, passionfruit curd and almond milk.” — Zoe Walker, associate editor

“The papaya boat from Mondays in Kingsland is a fresh breakfast option, with coconut, chia seeds, almond granola and natural yoghurt. I recently replicated this at home, and it was pretty good too.” — Jessica Beresford, digital content producer

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“Not sure it’s that healthy, but it fills me up — Dizengoff’s toasted bagel with avocado, cheese and tomato is a filling way to start the day and if I add a hard boiled egg then it’s practically all I need until dinner time.” — Janetta Mackay, beauty editor

“My pick is the chia pudding from Elk Eatery. Although chia might get a bad rap for being the most obvious “clean” option, I’ve always been a fan of the creamy meets crunchy texture. Not to mention this particular pud’s generous size, so it’s enough to keep me going.” — Danielle Clausen, editorial assisstant

“There’s nothing like a throwback of eggs and soldiers for brekkie. The soft boiled eggs with Danish rye soldiers from Shaky Isles will give you nutrients to get up and going for the day.” — Lucy Casley, designer and digital assisstant

“The brunch salad with poached eggs and (optional) bacon from Takapuna Beach Cafe is hearty enough to revitalise you after a brisk coastal walk from Milford – and with the addition of pumpkin, broccoli, pickles and haloumi, it’ll also power you home, sans the bread-ache.” — Rebecca Barry Hill, writer

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