How to Make the Perfect Negroni

This negroni recipe has been designed by Madame George's Jonny Almario

Negroni. Picture / Wikimedia Commons.

Classic Negroni recipes ask for equal parts, however over the years we have preferred to have a higher ratio of gin to Campari and vermouth. We find it allows the drink to develop over time as it slowly dilutes highlighting various aspects of each component.

Negronis have become over complicated over the years - being served over block ice and stirred in a mixing glass first. This recipe is easy to replicate at home and doesn't require any fancy tools.

Negroni recipe
Glass: Rocks glass
Garnish: Orange peel

30ml Gin of your choosing
20ml Cocchi Vermouth di Torino
20ml Campari

Build over ice and stir until cold. Garnish with orange peel [or wedge]

Madame George head bartender Jonny Almario. Picture / Supplied.

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