These Pre-Made Cocktails Are Perfect For Lazy Entertainers

Wellington’s J.M.R Cocktail & Co have created the ultimate party hack for cocktail connoisseurs

Luxury pre-made cocktails from J.M.R.Cocktail & Co sitting pretty. Photo / Supplied

Now this is a great idea. Pre-made cocktails for the lazy entertainers among us. This is no average RTD, however; these beautiful bottles contain high-quality cocktails that are ready to drink straight from the fridge.

The luxury range from Wellington’s J.M.R Cocktail & Co includes a gin martini, negroni, Manhattan, old fashioned, espresso martini, and a chocolate martini, handmade using premium spirits and house-made syrups.

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The proof is in the taste, say founders Jonny McKenzie and Amy Alexander, who promise the same quality from a cocktail bar tipple. The hospitality duo and friends started the business after struggling to find a decent pre-made cocktail on the market. They wanted to be able to drink a negroni anywhere, without taking their entire bar.

“It’s a way to bring a bartender to any occasion, anywhere,” says Jonny.

“Our cocktails are designed to enjoy on special occasions — like long weekend escapes, weddings or dinner parties.”

His top tip: serve the cocktails at the right temperature with the right ice.

“Our cocktails are best served around 4 to 6C so putting them in the freezer from the fridge for 15mins before you plan to serve is a great trick.

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“Good quality ice is key to maintaining the cocktail once poured. You want large ice cubes, the bigger the better. Large ice cubes melt slower and prevent your cocktail from becoming watery.”

Next year they plan to keep expanding, with products stocked in retail stores, eateries, and hotels around the country. In the works is a special-edition range of cocktails made in collaboration with New Zealand spirit makers. 

J.M.R & Co mixed cocktail gift set $59 (includes four 100ml, gift wrapped).

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