Why Laneway's Snacks Blow Other Music Festival Food Stalls Out Of The Water

We're here for the music, of course, but staying for the food. Here are all our favourite vendors appearing at Albert Park in January

Find local icecream legends Duck Island at Laneway 2020. Photo / @duckislandicecream

Is it sad to go to Laneway just for the snacks? Probably, but that's how we're feeling following the announcement of next year's festival menu.

We can't wait to crack open a Garage Project bevvy in time for J.I.D. Maybe enjoy a vegan Wise Boys burger while bopping along to Soaked Oats. 

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Much like recent years at the annual Albert Park shindig, there's plenty of food options rarely seen at other music festivals (personified by buckets of chips and unidentified meat on sticks) so if you're gluten-free, plant-based or just fancy a bit of posh nosh then it's likely to have you covered. 

To take things to another (very sad) level we've compiled our dream festival food timetable for you to, well, probably not do too much with. Enjoy! 

Mid-morning nibbles: Rolling Pin vege dumplings. 

Mains: Hapunan's pulled pork baos and crispy prawn siu mai. Plus a Zeffer Cider alcoholic ginger beer. 

Snack: Feed Me Fatimas potato koftas and an Urbanaut beersie. 

Dessert: Duck Island icecream sandwich, the dark chocolate one. 

Late-night munchies: Peach's Hot Chicken fried chicken wings on white bread. Maybe a bottle of water. But probably a Garage Project brewski.

All vendors include Duck Island, Wise Boys Burgers, Bun Hun, Nice Blocks, Little Island Creamery, Lord Of The Fries, Langos, Peach's Hot Chicken, Che Lucio BBQ, The Rolling Pin, Serial Griller, Fatimas, Taco Loco, Double Dutch Fries, Ramen Takara, Ha! Poke, Miso Ramen, Mizzoni Pizza, The Deli Delights Canteen, Atomic Coffee, Redeem Soda, Zeffer, Garage Project, Urbanuat, Parrotdog.

Monday January 27. Albert Park. Tickets available from Auckland.lanewayfestival.com

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