Must-try: Living Goodness Sauerkraut

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The age-old practice of fermenting and preserving food is suddenly cool again, thanks to its health and wellbeing properties. For those who don’t have the time or inclination to create their own sauerkraut, Living Goodness takes finely chopped raw cabbage, added vegetables, carefully-selected herbs and spices and come up with gut-friendly fermented jars of goodness.

It is owned and operated by Auckland-based husband and wife team Peter Kearns and Fiona Dykes, whose journey began more than five years ago in London when Peter was diagnosed with pancreatitis and candida. He began to research how he could improve his gut health through the food he ate.

“As a result our home became a laboratory of bubbling crock-pots filled with a dazzling range of colourful fermenting vegetables,” says Fiona.

It didn’t take long before Peter’s dietitian was thrilled with how quickly he had reduced his candida count and rebalanced his intestinal health — something Peter believed was thanks to fermented food.

There are six flavours in the Living Goodness range. The Sassy sauerkraut (pictured) has millions of probiotic bacteria to help with gut health and aid digestion. For extra flavour, juniper berries, caraway seeds, dill and a pinch of Himalayan salt have been added. The sauerkraut is made to be eaten as a condiment to accompany any meal.

• Living Goodness jars are priced from $12-$15. To find out more, and for stockists, visit

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