Making A French Connection

Take a leaf out of the Parisian playbook with a night of immersive dining at an exclusive pop-up event by Stella Artois

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The pleasure and importance of sharing a meal together has always been part of the human story; this simple act can bring people together, build community and, at its best, create a sense of belonging. It’s fair to say the French, in particular, are renowned for the art of dining out and a love of fine food and drink. And now, Stella Artois is bringing a slice of this passion to Auckland’s Karangahape Rd.

Pop-up series ‘Bon Appetit with Stella Artois’ will be a night to remember, as much for its divine culinary offering as for the warm and welcoming ambience of its location. Held at the French-inspired popular eatery Atelier over four weeks, on consecutive Tuesdays throughout July and August, ‘Bon Appetit with Stella Artois’ is putting the focus back on food and fun — at a time when the need for it is palpable.

To help keep the attention on all the most valuable components of a dining experience — the conversation, the feeling and, of course, the food — and free from the distraction of devices, Stella Artois is providing special connection containers. These small boxes allow you to place your devices in them so you can say goodbye to all those distracting pings and buzzes and just be in the moment (devices will still be within arm’s length should you need them). Then all that’s left to do is sit back, relax, connect, and enjoy.

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The vibe will be set from the moment you walk in, with the romance of the dimly lit restaurant floor setting the tone for the night ahead. Prepare, then, to let your senses be taken on a Gallic journey with a 10-plate feast of dishes. Kélian and Alexis’ menu for the ‘Bon Appétit with Stella Artois’ series focuses on French techniques and dishes, while also celebrating New Zealand’s excellent produce. Starting with a crusty sourdough and browned organic butter, the beginning courses are a textural treat; crunchy purple kumara crips are complemented by a nutty hazelnut hummus; a dry-cured saucisson basque is a rich and moreish specialty from the north region of France; the classic French dish of pork rillettes is given a twist with a beer braise, served with traditional cornichons and candied onion; house-cured salmon gravlax comes with flavours of tamarillo and spiced beer; and a sumptuous stracciatella cheese is served with fennel, pear and dried olive crumb. Then you’ll be sinking your teeth into a tender sous-vide Angus beef brisket, accompanied by a creamy polenta, and a gourmet mushroom medley.

To finish on a high note, dive into a selection of cheeses served with honeycomb and baguette and sweeten the deal with sticky poached meringues accompanied by the flavours of creme anglaise, cognac and almonds.

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At just $80 per head — including two chalices of Stella Artois — the menu, honouring the beer brand’s European heritage, is an offer too good not to savour this winter. ‘Bon appétit with Stella Artois’ will be at Atelier for a fleeting eight public sittings, so book a table now to secure your experience.

Sign off, dine-in, bon appétit.

Tickets can be purchased from iTicket 

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