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Mascarpone & Fruit Mess

A one-bowl wonder with a few fresh ingredients, this fruit mess is bound to impress

If you are a spontaneous romantic — and haven’t had time to research recipes and hunt out special ingredients to make that special dish — then this mascarpone and fruit mess is the answer.

A one-bowl wonder with a few fresh ingredients, it is bound to impress. Use whatever fruit is in season or lightly stewed fruit. So delicious and simple, this will become a regular go-to recipe when you're after a special occasion dessert without too much fuss. 

Serves 2

100g mascarpone
½ cup Greek yoghurt
1 cup roughly crushed meringues
1 cup fruit, I used sliced apricots and blueberries
Mint to garnish

1. Into a large bowl combine the mascarpone, yoghurt, meringues and fruit.

2. Spoon into two elegant serving glasses. Decorate each with a sprig of mint.

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