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Meet The Chef: The Grove's New Head Chef Ryan Moore

A talented UK import takes over as head chef at Auckland’s top-rated The Grove

Favourite dish at The Grove right now?
It has to be from our dessert section — the Sweet Peas, with coconut, mint and dark chocolate. The combination is pretty out there, but you just have to give it a chance. It takes me back to my childhood in the UK, eating mint and choc chip Cornettos.

Your top cookbook?
One of the main reasons I got into cooking was Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck Cookbook. I was so fascinated by the science behind the cooking; the guy is a genius.

Name a chef you admire?
Simon Rogan — I was lucky enough to get the chance to work for him. He basically started the whole farm-to-plate dining ethos with his restaurant, Lenclume, using mostly homegrown products straight from his farm; it is an amazing set-up.

Where are you eating and drinking in Auckland?
There’s nothing better than chilling out at Apero on a Sunday with some beautiful food and wine. Their charcuterie platter and homemade sausage are unreal.

Guilty pleasure?
I’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth, and as it happens, Duck Island has opened a shop in Newmarket just round the corner from where I live. Its ice cream is seriously good, with some whacky combos.

On your playlist?
When I’m cooking at home, I love some old-school Fleetwood Mac. In the kitchen though, we play hard-out drum and bass to get the team going.

What's in your fridge at all times?  
It has to be a jar of mayonnaise — the perfect companion for almost everything. It really has to be the number one condiment of all time.

Your go-to dish at home?
It's probably bad for me to say this, being a chef, but most of the time I just crave good old beans (got to be Heinz) on toast with loads of butter and cheese, topped with some black pepper.

When you’re not in the kitchen?
I’m on the golf course for a round.

Your dream dinner guests?
Tiger Woods, Anthony Bourdain, Lionel Richie, Emily Ratajkowski. 

• Find The Grove at Saint Patricks Square, Wyndham St

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