Chicken noodle broth with Asian greens. Photo / Babiche Martens

Easy One-Pot Meal Recipes To Ace Weeknights

Make dinner and dishes easy with these simple one-pot recipes

Chicken Noodle Broth With Asian Greens
This hassle-free dish is inspired by sotanghon, a Chinese soup or broth. Simply add chicken, stock and whatever vegetables you have on hand to create a warming noodle soup.

Butter Beans In Vegetable Herb Sauce
Adding a couple of cups of passata to a vegetable and butter bean mixture is a delicious meal knocked up in minutes. Serve it with warm crusty bread to scoop up every last drip.

Oven-baked chicken risotto with spring onions, fennel & rosemary. Photo / Eleanor Ozich

Oven-Baked Chicken Risotto With Spring Onions, Fennel & Rosemary
This fuss-free oven-baked risotto requires hardly any attention at all and delivers a dish of tender, creamy rice, topped with crispy chicken that falls beautifully off the bone. You’ll also be happy to know that there’s no sautéing or stirring involved, simply arrange the flavour-packed ingredients in a large dish, and let the oven do the rest!

Vegetable, Pea & Ham Hock Soup
Nothing is more cost-effective or delicious as a hearty soup to eat any time of day. This one is comfort in its purest form, with root vegetables, green split peas and smoky ham hock. A slab of French stick warmed with melted butter finishes it off.

Potato, lime & cherry tomato curry with raita. Photo / Babiche Martens

Potato, Lime & Cherry Tomato Curry With Raita
Vegetarians, this one's for you. This curry is brimming with flavour and ready in a heartbeat. Simply throw everything into one pot, then serve with cooling raita and warm roti.

Chicken & Mushroom Risotto
This risotto is luxuriously creamy, with mushroom, chicken and plenty of parmesan. Serve with a handful of parsley for some virtuous greenery.

Quick & easy prawn laksa. Photo / Babiche Martens

Quick & Easy Prawn Laksa
A bag of prawns in the freezer is one of the most versatile staples to have on hand. In this recipe, they form the basis of a tasty laksa. Perfect for a mid-week fix, within 30 minutes you can be serving this dish hot and steamy at the table.

One-Pan Pork Fillet With Apple, Potato & Red Cabbage
Put those leftover potatoes to good use creating this one-pan meal. The combination of sweet apple with savoury pork is delicious, while the potato and cabbage take care of the carb and vegetable factor respectively.

Fennel, pea & ham frittata with cheese. Photo / Babiche Martens

Fennel, Pea & Ham Frittata With Cheese
For a gluten-free meal that's ready in a snap, you can't go past a simple frittata. All you need is a handful of ingredients and an ovenproof pan and you're on your way.

Petite Kitchen's One-Pot Pasta
In this simple recipe, there's delicately stemmed asparagus, a few handfuls of sweet basil, a large pat of unsalted butter, and the juice of a large lemon. The dried pasta is cooked alongside the other ingredients, allowing the starch to help thicken to a meltingly delicious sauce. Feel free to swap out the asparagus for broccoli when it's out of season.

Spaghetti with kale, butter beans & lemon ricotta. Photo / Eleanor Ozich

Spaghetti With Kale, Butter Beans & Lemon Ricotta
This one-pot pasta is dead simple to make, and a brilliant method to have in your back pocket for those busy mid-week nights when you've no idea what to cook. The spaghetti and butter beans are cooked in one big pot along with roughly-sliced kale, sundried tomatoes, a generous pinch of chilli flakes and the zest of a lemon.

Creamy Mussel & Cauliflower Chowder With Crunchy Croutons
This luxurious mussel soup topped with homemade croutons is a real treat. It is definitely worth the effort of opening fresh mussels, which not only give you a delicious liquid from cooking for extra flavour, but also guaranteed freshness.

Lamb & split pea Persian stew. Photo / Babiche Martens

Lamb & Split Pea Persian Stew
This slow-cooked stew takes a tough cut and transforms it into a meltingly delicious meal. Split peas soak up all the wonderful flavours and add a much-needed layer of texture.

Beef Goulash
There is nothing more satisfying than putting tough-looking meat into the oven for a couple of hours with an array of flavours and it coming out extremely tender and succulent. Walk away and return to those delightful smells.

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