Petite Kitchen's Recipe for Raspberry and Vanilla Frozen Yoghurt

Eleanor Ozich shares her simple recipe for elegant and refreshing raspberry and vanilla frozen yoghurt

Petite Kitchen's raspberry and vanilla frozen yoghurt. Picture / Eleanor Ozich

Serves 6 

A simple recipe, yet one that is delightfully luxurious and somewhat elegant. Equal quantities of greek yoghurt and thick, yellow cream are combined with vanilla and a touch of honey to sweeten. The inclusion of little plump raspberries, is to act as a contrast to the creaminess, just the thing for a midsummer afternoon. 

1 cup thick natural yoghurt
1 cup cream, or double cream if possible
2 tsp pure vanilla bean paste
¼ cup runny honey, or pure maple syrup
1 cup fresh raspberries*

1. Add all ingredients to a blender or food processor, and blend until smooth and creamy.

2. Tip the mixture into a loaf tin or dish lined with a little baking paper. Freeze until set, about 4 hours or so.

3. To serve, allow to soften for five minutes or so before rolling into icecream balls.

*Most varieties of summer fruit would work nicely here, a small handful of fresh mint adds a nice herbaceous note, too.


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