Probiotic Cocktail Recipe

Hip Group mixologist Suzanne Green shares a recipe for a feijoa and lavender mojito

Feijoa and lavender mojito. Picture / Supplied.

30ml white rum (We used Havana Club 3 Anos)
15ml feijoa probiotic (see recipe below)
3 lime wedges
3 leaves heated lemon balm*
3 leaves heated mint*
2 French lavender flowers
Soda water
Crushed ice
* Heat herbs by clapping in your hands to help release some of the oils.

1. Muddle lime, lemon balm, mint and lavender flowers while adding the probiotic.

2. Add the Havana Club and crushed ice and shake.

3. Pour into a glass and top up with soda water.

4. Garnish with extra feijoa flesh.

Feijoa probiotic
Air tight glass jar (a jam jar works well)
3-4 granules of water kefir grains cleaned with water
Flesh of 7 feijoas
125g lemon balm
200ml gunpowder green tea at room temperature
Juice of 2 freshly squeezed limes

Place all ingredients into jar and cover with cheese cloth or chux cloth secured with a rubber band. Leave to ferment for 24 hours.

• The feijoa and lavender mojito is $15 from Ortolana or the Waihi Beach Hotel, where Suzanne Green is based.

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