Antioxidant berry and mint smoothie. Picture / Supplied.

Antioxidant Berry and Mint Smoothie Recipe

The perfect smoothie for on-the-go

This is a basic berry smoothie from Caralee Caldwell's The Real Food Pledge. You can add all sorts of ingredients to this base to make something nutritious and spectacular. Some suggestions are chia seeds, cacao, mango, banana, kale, vanilla pod or coconut flesh.

Serves 2 

• 1 cup frozen berries
• 1 handful of fresh mint leaves
• ½ cup of almond milk
• ½ cup of coconut milk

Place all the ingredients in the blender or food processor, and blend until the mixture is lump free. Top with fresh berries.

-This recipe was extracted with persmission from Caralee Caldwell's The Real Food Pledge, $30.

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