Recipes for an autumn appetite

Singapore chicken; Curried side of salmon; Venison meatballs in tomato sauce. Pictures / Babiche Martens.

The summer holidays have gone by all too quickly and life is back into the swing of busy routine. But with the warm weather still hanging around, weekend catch-ups with friends remain on the cards. I like to keep things simple by cooking easy one-pot meals suitable for autumnal weather, or classic dishes with a twist.

This Singapore chicken, for instance, served with a bowl of rice and some greens, is a winner with kids and grown-ups. It's also a good one to throw in the freezer, and is perfect if you're flatting or heading back to university.

Another of my favourite standby dinners is this side of salmon. Not only does it look fabulous but the surprising spicy flavours are so simple to create. Serve it as part of a buffet or have it as a main with simple noodles and an Asian slaw.

Kecap manis is available at Asian stores and some supermarkets, but it's surprisingly easy to make. If you have trouble sourcing it, I've given the very simple recipe below.

Meatballs are a great way to introduce venison to family and friends.

Venison is incredibly lean, lower in fat and finer in texture than most other red meats. Whether you use venison or beef, you won't be disappointed. When making meatballs I don't usually add an egg but I do here to compensate for the lack of fat.

You could also try the meatballs as nibbles, dipped in a yoghurt and mint sauce. 


• Curried side of salmon

• Singapore chicken

• Venison meatballs in tomato sauce

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