Salmon Skewers Recipe with Courgette and Lime

These skewers are a great way to start — fresh, light and simple

Salmon skewers recipe with courgette and lime. Picture / Babiche Martens.

Makes 12

• 2 courgettes, peeled lengthways into ribbons
• 2 Tbsp lemon juice
• 200g sliced smoked salmon
• 12 bits of sushi ginger
• 1 lime, segments removed
• 1 tsp black sesame seeds, toasted
• 1 lime to serve
• Soy sauce to dip

1. Toss the courgettes into the lemon juice.

2. Cut the salmon into 12 strips.

3. Fold each ribbon of courgette, then fold the salmon placing a piece of ginger into the middle of each. Stick the salmon and courgette onto a skewer and top with a segment of lime. Repeat to make 12. Place on a platter, sprinkle with sesame seeds.

4. Serve with a little soy to dip.

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