Finish this dish with a spoonful of marscapone. Photo / Babiche Martens

Sticky Figs With French Toast Recipe

Breakfast, brunch or dessert — this decadent dish is an anytime treat

If you are not eating these sticky figs immediately, warm them slightly before serving. For a quick dessert, a scoop of your favourite icecream on top is sublime.

Serves 4

½ cup red wine
¼ cup brown sugar
2 Tbsp runny honey
¼ cup orange juice
1 Tbsp orange zest
1 star anise
8 figs halved
French toast
1 egg, whisked
½ cup milk
2 Tbsp sugar
½ tsp cinnamon
Knob of butter to cook
4-6 slices rustic bread
Creme fraiche, to serve

1. Place the wine, sugar, honey, juice, zest and star anise in a frying pan and bring to a simmer. Add the figs, cooking gently and turning once or twice until they are completely soft and the liquid syrupy. Remove and keep warm.

2. To make the French toast, combine the whisked egg, milk, sugar and cinnamon in a flat dish.

3. Melt the butter in a frying pan until frothing. Submerge the bread in the egg mixture, then transfer to the frying pan, cooking for a couple of minutes before turning and cooking the other side. Continue cooking the rest of the egg-dipped bread.

4. Serve the French toast with figs and a dollop of creme fraiche.

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