Enjoy these lamb loins however you like — with vegetables, tossed through a salad or in a sandwich. Photo / Babiche Martens

Sumac Lamb Loins With Olive & Herb Salsa

What better excuse to fire up the barbecue than this tasty sumac-spiced lamb?

A loin of lamb is one of my favourite cuts, with absolutely no waste. Bring it to room temperature before cooking quickly in a frying pan or, even better, on the barbecue. This is a versatile cut, served here with char-grilled vegetables — or try the lamb sliced and tossed through a salad. It is even delicious in crunchy bread with a dollop of aioli and handful of rocket.

Serves 4

Sumac Lamb Loins
1 Tbsp sumac
1 tsp each ground cumin and coriander
1 Tbsp black and white sesame seeds
1/2 tsp each salt and freshly ground pepper
2 lamb loins
2 Tbsp olive oil

6 large green olives, stones removed
1/4 cup chopped coriander
1 tsp chopped capers
2 Tbsp lemon juice
Green vegetables to serve

1. Combine the sumac, cumin, sesame seeds, coriander, salt and pepper in a small bowl. Spread on a plate. Rub the loins all over with oil, then roll in the spices. Set aside while you make the salsa.

2. Chop the olives roughly. In a bowl combine the with the coriander, capers and lemon juice.

3. Heat a frying pan to a medium heat and fry the lamb for 3-4 minutes each side or until cooked to your liking. Leave to rest for a further 5 minutes, then slice thinly.

4. Serve with salsa and char-grilled greens.

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