The New Food Delivery Service You Need to Know About

The Lucky Taco, Satya and Tiger Burger are among those involved in Lucky Street, a new meal kit delivery service

The Lucky Taco's Sarah and Otis Frizzell with some of the meals available from Lucky Street's new meal kit delivery service. Picture / Babiche Martens

As much as we love a good food truck, it can be tricky figuring out where your favourite will be parked up when your tummy starts to rumble.

The Lucky Taco's Sarah and Otis Frizzell have come up with a solution that’s almost too good to be true: their new project Lucky Street, which has Marc Ellis and Stefan Lepionka (ex Charlie’s) on board as business partners, sees Auckland’s best street food delivered to your doorstep.

Each week, from August 20, two different, ready-to-assemble meal kits from the city’s most innovative makers of burgers, noodles, dumplings and tacos will arrive for subscribers, adding welcome variety to the comfort food on rotation throughout winter.

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First up is Korean-inspired fare from Tiger Burger, namely its Smokey Lee burger, and Chipotle Chicken Lucky Tacos, while the second week's offering is Farang’s Thai green fish curry and The Lucky Taco's Sizzlin’ Steak.

South Indian restaurant Satya, the Temaki Truck’s unique blend of Japanese-Brazilian and Korean flavours, and Miss Changy's Chinese-Malaysian delights will also make an appearance, with more exciting names to be announced. Sarah says the idea is to deliver the food everyone would love to be eating at home, if only they had the time to make it.

“All the difficult and boring bits are already done so you can throw it all together in just a few easy steps, and with just two meals a week you’ve got flexibility rather than being committed to a full week’s worth of meals,” she says. “It’s about saying adios to mundane meals and hola to exotic flavours from around the world.”

Vegetarian and gluten-free options will be added as soon as there’s enough demand for them, and delivery outside Auckland is something the team will look at further down the track. Visit

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