Serve this tofu scramble with hearty seed loaf and grilled tomatoes. Photo / Babiche Martens

Vegan Tofu Scramble With Mushrooms & Spinach

Shake up your breakfast routine with this delicious vegan take on a classic scramble

Try this tofu take on a scramble. I use firm tofu and find the best way to crumble it is with your fingers. Adding ginger and spring onion gives it a spicy hit with two of my favourites — mushrooms and spinach. You could get carried away here adding spices or topping with any array of fresh herbs. I enjoy the taste and texture of tofu, so don’t like to camouflage it with too many flavours.

Serves 4

1 Tbsp flavourless oil
1 spring onion, finely chopped
1 Tbsp grated fresh ginger
200g finely sliced button mushrooms
300g packet firm tofu, crumbled
2 cups baby spinach leaves
Salt and pepper to season

To serve
Grilled tomatoes, toasted seed loaf and lemon wedges

1. In a large frying pan heat the oil. Add the spring onions and ginger cooking for 2 minutes. Add the mushrooms and cook until softened.

2. Toss in the crumbled tofu and cook for 4 minutes or until lightly browned. Add the spinach to wilt. Season with a little salt and freshly ground pepper.

3. Serve hot with a side of tomatoes, toast and lemon to squeeze.

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