Dumplings in spicy sauce from Eden Noodles Cafe. Photo / Doug Sherring

Where To Find: Auckland's Spiciest Eats For Hot Food Fans

Spice up your life with the city's most fiery fare

There are two types of people in life — those who love spicy food, and those who don’t. If you fall into the former category, then chances are you’re the type of person to unabashedly request the chef make every dish “as hot as they can”, challenging them to blow your mind and your taste buds all at the same time.

So, if you’re ready to spice up your life, we’ve uncovered Auckland’s best off-menu-level-hot dishes, that will see you synonymously break out into a sweat, and burn the entirety of your oesophagus from the very first bite.

Monsoon Poon's Firecracker Chicken is not for the fainthearted. Photo / @monsoonpoon

Firecracker Chicken from Monsoon Poon
If you make the mistake of ordering Monsoon Poon’s 'Firecracker Chicken' without first reading the description, then you’re in for a fiery surprise. Rubbed in Malay chilli paste and wok fried, this intense dish is not for the fainthearted — make sure you order a glass of milk or lassi in advance.
Where: Lower Hobson St  Contact: 09 379 9311  Visit: Monsoonpoon.co.nz

Lamb Rogan Josh from Little India
Prepare to blow your sinuses wide open with Little India’s lamb rogan josh. This unassuming eatery at the bottom of Anzac Ave serves an Indian hot-level curry that will blow your mind (and leave you blowing your nose).
Where: 19-23 Anzac Ave, Ground Floor, Waldorf Hotel  Contact: 09 366 0711  Visit: Littleindia.co.nz

Totally Insane Wings from The Lumsden
Wings so hot they come with a warning. We’re not kidding; you need to sign a waiver before wrapping your laughing gear around The Lumsden’s 'Totally Insane Wings', available in either six wings or 12 wings (for the hardcore heat fiends amongst us). The secret to these spicy hot wings is a generous dousing of Fire Dragon Sauce before serving. You’ll be requesting milk by the gallon to wash these wings down.
Where: 448 Khyber Pass Rd, Newmarket  Contact: 09 550 1201  Visit:  Thelumsden.co.nz

Chef's Secret Curry from Chill Out Thai
If you’re prepared to trust the chef with your meal (and your life), then relinquish all control by ordering the chef’s secret curry. The very hot (or Thai hot for the experienced spice lover), is so hot you can’t talk. Our advice? Visit with a group so your date can chat with your friends while your taste buds are burnt to smithereens.
Where: Shop 12, 945A New North Rd, Mount Albert  Contact: 09 845 6936  Visit:  Chilloutthai.co.nz

Black Pepper Beef from Chaiyo
Consider K Rd’s Lim Chhour Foodcourt mecca when it comes to spicy food. At Chaiyo, order the black pepper beef for a seriously spicy kick. Ask the chef to make it ‘ma la’, or ‘big spicy’, if you’re up for the challenge.
Where: 184 Karangahape Rd, Newton  Contact: 09 309 2399

Evil Jungle Prince Curry from Sawadee
If you’re a fan of fables, then indulge your fantasy by learning of the royal chef who created a curry so hot as to kill an evil jungle prince. But instead, the chef mistakenly tasted his own recipe, killing himself instead. Morbid, yes, but for spice lovers, one mouthful of Sawadee’s 'Evil Jungle Prince Curry' will have you thinking you’re destined for a similar fate.
Where: 42A Ponsonby Rd, Grey Lynn  Contact: 09 376 0320  Visit: Sawadee.co.nz

Sawadee's Evil Jungle Prince Curry packs a real punch. Photo / @sawadee_thai_cuisine

Chicken with Fresh Chilli from Spicy House
This Dominion Rd stalwart is a haven for spicy food lovers. If you’re after a premium dining experience complete with a cosy atmosphere and Chinese-inspired décor, then you’ve come to the wrong place. Instead, you’ll find affordable, spicy eats like the chicken with fresh chilli, and the hot and spicy beef, which should come with a warning.
Where: 557 Dominion Rd, Mount Eden  Contact: 09 631 5128

Extreme Spicy Death Noodles from Bombay Chinese
Any menu item that contains the word ‘death’ in it should have you worried. Bombay Chinese, the self-proclaimed spicy food experts serve up a plethora of dishes nuanced with chilli, for under $20. Other piquant dishes include 'Suicide Bomber Chicken' and 'Death Valley Chicken', each more fear-inducing than the last.
Where: Queens Court, 18/368 Queen St  Contact: 021 070 0666  Visit:  Bombaychinese.co.nz

Mee Goreng from Sri Pinang
Specialising in Malaysian fare, Sri Pinang serve their classic noodle dish, mee goreng, as spicy as they can make it if you ask the right questions. This is mouth-scorching, taste bud incinerating heat at its finest. 
Where: 356 Karangahape Rd, Newton  Contact: 09 358 3886

Crazy Spicy Chicken Wings from Dong Demoon
Known for serving up one of the tastiest bibimbaps in Auckland, Dong Demoon serve the traditional Korean rice dish with fresh vegetables, preserved mushrooms or pickles, beef, an egg and plenty of spicy Korean hot sauce. But it’s their 'Crazy Spicy Chicken Wings' that’ll really knock your socks off – or, rather, burn so hot your lips and tongue will likely be numb for hours afterwards.
Where: 42D High St  Contact: 09 309 3309

Spicy Dumplings from Eden Noodles Cafe
Famous for their too-hot-to-handle dumplings, Eden Noodles Cafe is as jam-packed as their silky pockets of goodness night after night. You’ll want to arrive early or order in advance and takeaway to avoid the hectic dinner rush.
Where: 105 Dominion Rd, Mount Eden  Contact: 09 630 1899

Spicy and Delicious Rice Noodle from Spicy Palace
Serving up the most flavoursome Sichuan fare, Epsom’s Spicy Palace takes full advantage of the spectrum of spicy. The Chinese outpost’s menu ranges from fried rice dishes and dumplings, through to hot and sour noodles or their speciality bucket fish. If you fancy slurping your way through the hottest noodle dish in town, try the 'Spicy and Delicious Rice Noodle' on for size.
Where: 152 Great South Rd, Epsom  Contact: 09 522 1986

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