New Order band members, 1983. Photo / Supplied.

Recommended Listening: Five Fresh Albums To Listen To

Karl Puschmann gives us the lowdown on five new releases worth listening to right now

New Order

WHAT: Definitive edition of their 1983 breakthrough album Power, Corruption and Lies.
WHO: Iconic indie-dance rock pioneers who emerged from early tragedy to take over 80s club life.
SOUNDS LIKE: A rush of electro-excitement that can spiral from joyous abandon to meditative melancholia before you quite realise.
WHY WE’RE EXCITED: The upcoming Power, Corruption and Lies is epic, bundling a new remaster, 13 unreleased songs, Peel Sessions, two filmed live shows, a doco, alternate mixes, non-album singles (including Blue Monday) and a book into a snazzy pink and gold boxset that comprises vinyl, CD and two DVDs. Start saving.
WHEN: October 2

WATCH: Marie Davidson & L’oeil Nu - Renegade Breakdown (Official Lyric Video)

Marie Davidson xL’oeil Nu
WHAT: Renegade Breakdown
WHO: Acclaimed minimal wave producer expands her sound with two pals from Montreal’s DIY scene.
SOUNDS LIKE: A party-ready collab between Kraftwerk and the Pet Shop Boys as fronted by Grace Jones.
WHY WE’RE EXCITED: The trio’s neon-soaked 80s electro grooves matched with Davidson’s wry spoken-word delivery is simply infectious and oozes catwalk cool with her bilingual vocals adding a sophisticated international flavour.
WHEN: September 25

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This is the Kit
WHAT: Off Off On
WHO: Paris-based English alt-folk artist Kate Stables and ever-changing band.
SOUNDS LIKE: She’d fit right in at New Zealand’s alt-folk spiritual home of Lyttelton.
WHY WE’RE EXCITED: Stables plays fast and loose with alt-folk norms, pulling off elaborate decorations like sax solos, banjos and fuzzy guitars with ease while never losing sight of the genre. As the new single This is What You Did amply — and catchily — demonstrates.
WHEN: October 23

Wax Chattels
WHAT: Clot
WHO: Sinister Flying Nun noise merchants.
SOUNDS LIKE: The musical equivalent of a dark, dingy alleyway you really shouldn’t be walking down alone late at night.
WHY WE’RE EXCITED: Raucous and confrontationally explosive, Wax Chattels conjure an ominous mood that draws you in through its repeating hypnotic power and violently sudden unpredictable outbursts.
WHEN: September 25

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Troy Kingi. Photo / Supplied.

Troy Kingi
WHAT: The Ghost of Freddie Cesar
WHO: Genre-hopping, multi-award-winning muso on a mission to release 10 albums in 10 different genres over 10 years.
SOUNDS LIKE: The long-awaited dawn of a classic 70s street funk revival.
WHY WE’RE EXCITED: Just one listen to the undeniably funky bass groove of lead single All Your Ships Have Sailed will get you excited as well. The Curtis Mayfield-style social commentary and Beyonce-flavoured vocal rhythms just take it over the top. Jam hot.
WHEN: September 11

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