4 Multi-Talented Women Discuss The Importance Of Style And Self-Expression With Viva and Samsung

These creative forces explore the power of a selfie, through the lens of the sleek Galaxy Z Flip by Samsung

Photo / Jaycee Tanuvasa

 To celebrate the release of the covetable Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, we enlisted four stylish women to share a slice of their lives under lockdown, capturing their unique style and identity.

Originally planned as a traditional shoot, level three restrictions saw us flip the concept entirely – with our subjects capturing their unique style and identity with the exceptional camera power (and game-changing hands-free foldability) of this sleek phone from Samsung.


Interdisciplinary artist, activist, Mother of 'House of IMAN’ | @jaycee_babyyy

Photo / Jaycee Tanuvasa

What makes a selfie so empowering?

As a trans woman of colour, having the nerve to exist in a world that doesn’t view me as equal is a political statement, so taking a selfie – whether it’s a serious, well-thought-out one or not – is impactful because it tells people that I’m here to stay!

What does your look say about who you are and what you value?

My personal style is forever changing. If I'm not dressing in a way that helps me survive trans discrimination and violence, I’d say that my style is very inspired by the early 90s era... and what I can afford and fit.

I’m also exploring ideas of beauty outside the male gaze and finding comfort in being authentically me and really dressing for my joy.

How has your 2020 been flipped?

2020 started out great for me. And it will stay great. Regardless of all my art, travels and jobs being cancelled, I will not let Covid-19 win. I will also not allow the world’s racist and transphobic people win. This year has revealed a lot of the world's truths, and I refuse to let it determine the happiness for people of colour and black and brown trans women.

This year is the year of radical change and acceptance. The year we pull up the hardest for our communities. The year we fight Covid-19 together. The year we stop interschool violence. The year we learn new things about ourselves while navigating lockdown. The year we push our indigenous storytellers. 2020 is the year of perseverance, empathy and love. It’s what we need in order to survive and thrive.


Musician, filmmaker | @small_moe

Photo / Morgan Leary

What makes a selfie so empowering?

‘Selfie’ has a pretty light-hearted connotation but, jokes aside, when I was really young you had the Terry Richardson/Pavement magazine gaze type of thing going on (I don’t think I need to unpack that any further), so the whole Petra Collins movement and the self-reflexivity of the selfie is a badass concept, like literally taking back "the gaze” as it were.

What does your look say about who you are and what you value?

I’ve always been a bit afraid of ‘fashion’ to be honest, I desperately wanted to be cool and fashionable as a teenager but always got mocked for wearing old granny op shop finds… I’m proud of that granny streak now!

Most of my wardrobe I’ve literally intercepted being taken to the Sallies from film shoots. I love an element of chance… I’m definitely most comfortable in second-hand like it already has a life and story to it. My favourite jumpsuit was a child’s clown suit in a thrift store Halloween window display in Monterey California.

But honestly, right now I’ve just hit the stage of pregnant where I can’t fit any of my clothes so I’m enjoying wearing my husbands. I think that says I’m adaptable, love re-purposing, value quirk and story over trends.

How has your 2020 been flipped?

Our wedding is postponed! I was meant to be touring Japan with one band and promoting an album for another, instead it’s been a lot of lovely family time – we were lucky enough to have bought a home out west. I’ve also been blessed with a little bun in the oven. I hope it plays drums. That’s the only instrument we have going vacant in the family band.


Photographer, fashion stylist | @nicrific

Photo / Nicole Ku

What makes a selfie so empowering?

I think a selfie is such an empowering action because it takes guts to see yourself in another light, to create a beautiful image and put your whole self out there... you can take pride in who you are and what you've grown to be.

What is your communication style like?

I prefer visual and audio forms of communication, whether they be through photographs, phone calls, video calls, or face-to-face discussions. I'm a very visual person so when I can see something or someone, I absorb the information a lot better.

I love using the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phone's folding feature to stand it anywhere so I can have my hands free to cook, while video calling a friend!

What does your look say about who you are and what you value?

My state of mind, keeping it strong and healthy is what's most important to me. I spent most of my teenage years so worried that the people I cared about weren’t happy that I had forgotten how to look after myself. I definitely think it's important to look after others but it's also important to take a bit of time out of your day to make sure you're in the right place.

My fashion style, just as much as my beauty approach, has evolved throughout the years. It changes and adapts to the environment I'm in, my emotions, and how I'm feeling. For example, if I'm feeling a little down, I'll put on a strong structured blazer to remind myself to be strong. In saying that, black is my go-to power colour and what I feel most comfortable in so that's why my Galaxy Z Flip is that colour.

How do you use your appearance to express your creativity and identity?

What I love about fashion and beauty is that you can really mould yourself to be whatever and whoever you want. There are endless combinations to the accessories, clothing, hair and make-up you can build. I tend to gravitate toward combinations that make me feel strong and independent such as a strong tailored suiting, darker make-up and polished hair.


PR, fitness | @bbb.fit

Photo / Briar Barratt-Boyes

What makes a selfie so empowering?

It’s you making the decision to put together this picture exactly how you want it. When I started to see results on my fitness journey, I would be so proud to upload a selfie and feel super confident in doing so! I was working hard to achieve results, so was happy to share that with my followers. It’s really something to be able to share yourself in a way that could be vulnerable, but flipping that to make yourself feel fab and strong.

What does your look say about who you are and what you value?

In terms of fashion, I think I’m one of those people who has a lot of different looks. I follow a lot of different fashion inspo accounts and have built up my wardrobe to have a lot of staple items which I accessorise depending on the look I’m going for that day. I get a lot of inspiration from celebrities like Hailey Bieber (my #1 idol!).

When it comes to beauty and appearance overall, I think my attitude has changed a lot over recent years. I used to be quite obsessive when it came to being ‘fit’ and thought having abs was the be-all-end-all of living a healthy lifestyle – but boy was I wrong! I’ve learned there is a lot more to it than that, and you need to be careful when it comes to drawing the line between being motivated, and being flat out obsessive.

How has your 2020 been flipped?

My 2020 has been flipped because I’ve been forced to really knuckle down into my work and focus on myself in ways I hadn’t planned to.

Luckily, I didn’t have any big travel plans this year or anything that was super interrupted! In all honesty, I feel like I’m in a very blessed position during lockdown as I’m able to just continue living my life with my best friends and family around me.

It’s truly made me realise how lucky I am to have my health, be in a position to support myself, and treasure everyone I have around me. 2020 has flipped things for me in a much more positive way than I would have ever expected.

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