Isolation 101: Fashion Designer Emilia Wickstead On Her Lockdown Distractions

London-based New Zealand fashion designer Emilia Wickstead is making pies and reading Dr Seuss

Fashion designer Emilia Wickstead shares her tips for staying in. Photo / Supplied

What I’m listening to...
The Business of Fashion. I am especially enjoying conversations around changes to the traditional fashion industry rules and schedule. Also Tracy Chapman’s debut album.

What I’m wearing...
I’ve been wearing my pyjama collection (available at Matches Fashion). We have sets in various shapes with matching robes that look effortless yet put together and are extremely comfortable (the whole collection is made in Italian cotton).

Who I’m following...
I am trying to stay off social media to make the most of being present. I find @tankgoodnews however is incredibly beautiful for the mind and spirit.

Tracey Chapman; @tankgoodnews; Emilia Wickstead pyjama collection; The Fabulous Bouvier Sisters. Photos / Supplied

What I’m reading...
Dr. Suess — to my children. And my husband and I are reading Shoe Dog by Phil Knight together. I also recommend The Fabulous Bouvier Sisters, and The Book You Wish Your Parents had Read.

The hobby I’ve taken up...
We have been making many pies — cosy home nesting food, with fresh produce including vegetables, meat or fish. Until now I had never made a pie in my life! Plus I am finally getting around to putting together my children’s baby albums.

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