Inside Beauty World Japan 2017

Auckland nail artist Imogene Bevan of Pop Nails catches the mood at one of the world's biggest beauty expos, Beauty World Japan


Imogene Bevan arrives unfashionably early to avoid the crowds at the giant Beauty World Japan.

Soon after the doors opened, the centre was bustling.

The expo included the chance to experience the best in Japan’s nail artistry and attend workshops, including Mana Nails.

Live feeds from cameras above nail artists' hands to big screens, allowed the crowds to see the action. This demonstration was from a Mana Nails artist considered to be one of the best in the world. Seeing this was almost worth the trip on its own.

Me assessing one of more than 100 nail supply exhibitions. Queues for some stands snaked so far back, that patrolmen had to hold signs to ensure you knew where to join.

In true Japanese style there were cute, fluffy mascots from beauty companies roaming the floor. Here's one of my favourites

Row after row of stands drew not only beauty professionals, but also consumers who wanted to see the industry first-hand and shop like crazy.

This stand had over 600 colours of polish available from just one range.

Tokyo's iconic Big Sight convention centre, venue for Beauty World Japan 2017.

The expo included an entire hall dedicated to nails. My happy place! But actually nerve wracking thinking how to attack the multitude of exhibitions.

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