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Power of the Night |

As night falls, our skin has the ability to repair itself.

Advanced Night Repair, the one and only serum infused with multi - patented ChronoluxCB™ technology, amplifies this unique signal to self - repair and maximise repair results every night. Let your skin do its job. Wake up to beautiful skin - every day.

The Signal of Repair |

During the day, our skin is under threat by the environment. To counteract the effects of external aggressors, our skin resorts to its protect mechanism. During the night, our skin needs a signal - it's time to repair.

Estée Lauder believe the most powerful repair comes from your very own skin. With over 35 years of extensive research, Advanced Night Repair and proprietary ChronoluxCB™ activates the vital night time signal and maximises skin's own renewal. See the differences in strengthened repair results when you wake up to youthful, radiant skin every day.

An Overnight Transformation |

Make every night a journey of transformation with Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair. Wake up to skin that feels refreshed and renewed every morning.

Overnight Advanced Night Repair works to reduce:

- Dry and rough skin

- Uneven skin tone

- Dullness

- Enlarged pores

- Fine lines and wrinkles

- Tired looking skin

By morning, you may notice skin to be more:

- Plump and hydrated

- Even in skin tone

- Radiant

- Firm and Elastic

- Supple

- Youthful looking

Loved by Millions Worldwide |

Loved by countless women over the past 35 years, Advanced Night Repair has been many women's first repair. It is also...

The Repair Champion:

– with 100+ awards worldwide

The Beauty Innovator:

– the first repair serum in the world

A Leader of the Future:

– with formula patented until 2033

The Repair Expert:

– with over 35 years of continuous innovation

An Overnight Skin Transformer:

– boost your inborn repair power by triggering night repair signal

An Around the Clock Skin Guardian:

– protect by day, repair by night.

The Moisture Magnet |

More moisture. Better repair.

Advanced Night Repair works as a moisture magnet by attracting moisture and locking it in, creating an optimal condition for the skin to maximise its natural repair process. Feel the instant surge of hydration within your skin. When moisture is improved, skin is plump exuding hydrated radiance.

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How Repair Works |

When the night falls, the repair signal is up.

While you sleep, Advanced Night Repair’s proprietary ChronoluxCB™ Technology travels directly to the root of your skin problems, repairing damage left by daytime exposure to environmental aggressors. Together with Hyaluronic acid, it locks in moisture to strengthen the skin’s barrier and create an ideal environment for maximum skin repair effectiveness.

Wake up to super nourished and hydrated skin. See skin tone evened and bounciness restored. Revel in the softness of each touch and the invisibility of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin looks different and feels stronger; imbued with a newfound protection and ready to face the day.

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