Hair How-to: The Artist

A guide to loose curls, inspired by Yves Saint Laurent's muse Paloma Picasso


Step 1: Prep hair using Kevin Murphy Body Builder mousse.

Step 2: Blow dry the mousse into hair.

Step 3: Using a medium-sized tong and a medium section, tong hair, leaving some of the ends out. This allows the curl to look more erratic and natural.

Step 4: When you've tonged a curl, wind it around your finger and pin to the scalp using a bobby pin, also leave some random ends out. This allows hair to cool down and sets the curls.

Step 5: Using just your fingers, loosen and break up the curl by massaging the roots with your finger tips and pulling your fingers all the way through to the ends.

The finished look. To create Paloma’s signature red lip use M.A.C ‘So Chaud’ lipstick.

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