Beauty Looks We Love - 8 Ways To Wear Backstage Looks From Paris & Berlin

We challenge you to try this year's top unisex beauty trends, as spotted at Paris Fashion Week Men's and Berlin Fashion Week 2019


BACKSTAGE AT: Boris Bidjan Saberi Fall/Winter 2019-2020 at Paris Fashion Week Men’s

THE LOOK: The German menswear designer really pushed the realms of possibility with this one. To break up the hygge-inspired collection, male models’ faces were adorned with bronze tape cut into different geometric shapes. T-shapes, triangles and thick, vertical lines covered models cheeks, noses or chins – the reflective tape caught the light with every head tilt.

HOW TO WEAR IT: It’s difficult to imagine a Kiwi bloke rushing around town with gilt tape stuck to his face, so this look may appeal more to the fashion set. This look wouldn’t appear out of place for a runway show or gala dinner (if you’re bold enough).

BACKSTAGE AT: Danny Reinke Autumn/Winter 2019 show at Berlin Fashion Week

THE LOOK: You heard it here first – monochrome beauty looks are going to be huge in 2019. Select your shade and run wild as seen at Danny Reinke, where a metallic silver hue was applied to lids and waterlines, brushed through brows and painted onto lashes. To frame the monochromatic eye look, a darker shadow was applied from the under eye area up and around towards the tail of the brow.

HOW TO WEAR IT: Party season may be over, but the good times are still rolling. Try this look at your next after-dark soiree or dinner party – it’ll make a good talking point about how adept you are at eyeshadow application.

BACKSTAGE AT: Riani Autumn/Winter 2019 show at Berlin Fashion Week

THE LOOK: To jazz up a classic red lip, makeup artists pressed iridescent red glitter into still-wet lipstick backstage at Riani. Models dazzled onlookers with their deceptively fuller looking pouts.

HOW TO WEAR IT: The key here is to avoid situations where you’ll suffer maximum glitter fall-out (making eating or kissing a no-no). Cocktails with the girls will suffice, provided you’re sipping from a reusable, metal straw, not from the edge of the glass.

BACKSTAGE AT: Sportalm Kitzbuehel Autumn/Winter 2019 show at Berlin Fashion Week

THE LOOK: Drawing inspiration from the psychedelic 70s, this hair look transcends trend. Stylists created seven or eight tightly woven fishtail plaits around each model’s head, secured each of them with an elastic band and clamped with a ghd to set. Shine spray and hair spray finished the look. Adorable West Highland Terrier optional.

HOW TO WEAR IT: These totally wearable waves wouldn’t look out of place at the office or at a weekend barbecue.

BACKSTAGE AT: Angus Chiang Fall/Winter 2019-2020 show at Paris Fashion Week Men’s

THE LOOK: Throw what you know about putting on blush out the window – models at Angus Chiang made a statement with neon orange and pink blush applied haphazardly to either cheek. With concentrated colour on the apples of one cheek, and a smattering of colour over the opposite cheekbone, this look is a re-education in everything we know about symmetry and technique.

HOW TO WEAR IT: To a long lunch with your most fashion-forward friends. If you’re going to drastically change your look, you want to do it around people who can appreciate where you’re going with it.

BACKSTAGE AT: Facetasm Fall/Winter 2019-2010 show at Paris Fashion Week Men’s

THE LOOK: This was one of the few zany looks on show at Facetasm – think fuchsia pink pixie cuts, guys working mauve, shoulder-length braids and hair clips galore. Here, mini ribbons in rainbow shades were tied into bows all over the model’s head, interspersed with the ultimate ‘90s throwback – plastic butterfly clips. The look was finished off with lashings of powder blue eyeshadow.

HOW TO WEAR IT: Unleash your playful side by adopting a watered-down version of this OTT look, using ribbon in the same shade to create a three-tiered pony tail. Butterfly clips optional.

BACKSTAGE AT: Sean Suen Fall/Winter 2019-2020 at Paris Fashion Week Men’s

THE LOOK: Models sported a wash-and-wear style at Sean Suen, with messy fringes sitting long and low over eyes. Don’t let this look fool you – we can almost guarantee there are at least five products to thank for this ‘just-stepped-out-of-the-shower’ hairstyle.

HOW TO WEAR IT: Do just that. Step out of the shower, into clothes and leave the house without a second thought. Most men probably do this anyway, but now the fashion powers that be have officially approved it.

BACKSTAGE AT: Ami Alexandre Mattiussi Fall/Winter 2019-2020 at Paris Fashion Week Men’s

THE LOOK: A wash-and-wear look for women this time. A swipe of coral red lipstick and air-dried tresses made a strong case for forgoing foundation at Ami Alexandre Mattiussi’s show in Paris.

HOW TO WEAR IT: This simplistic beauty look will be a challenge for those who wouldn’t be caught dead without their daily dose of Double Wear. For others, this youthful look is fresh and fun for weekend brunch.

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