Individual Beauty Icons

Cut through the noise of social media by following these well-known faces, each with their own refreshing take on beauty


"There's something that's so powerful from the light that radiates from you when you're comfortable in your own skin," says actress Amandla Stenberg, who cleverly explained the cultural appropriation of the traditionally black hairstyle in the YouTube clip 'Don’t Cash Crop On My Cornrows'. Her Instagram account is filled with real life and beauty inspiration, with her ever changing, beautiful hair. Picture / @amandlastenberg

You may know Winnie Harlow from her appearance in Beyonce’s 'Lemonade', 'America’s Next Top Model' or on the red carpet. Rather than hiding her vitiligo, a skin condition where patches lose pigment, Winnie wholeheartedly embraces it. Picture / @winnieharlow

Adwoa Aboah is genuinely cool, in both her capacity as a model and activist. With her freckles, shaved head and confidence, she is the epitome of an intelligent, modern day beauty. Picture / @adwoaaboah

From her Instagram account to the visuals for her new album, musician Solange embraces variety with her hair. She explores the historic politics behind black women’s hair with her new song 'Don’t Touch My Hair'. Picture / @saintrecords

Follow model and actress Hari Nef (left, with Vivienne Westwood) on Instagram for a dose of fun and fashion inspiration, as well as a refreshing take on beauty — from fresh and barefaced while out partying to full-on glamour. Picture / harinef

Recently declaring her intention to no longer wear makeup - even on the red carpet where the pressures are even higher - Alicia Keys has become a celebrity figurehead of the #nomakeup movement. Picture / @aliciakeys. READ: Would you wear no makeup?

Gwen Stefani loves makeup, expressing herself and sense of fun through her impeccable beauty look — big lashes, red lips and peroxide hair. Picture / @gwenstefani

Helen Ruth Van Winkle is the fabulous 88-year behind this Instagram account, showcasing her colourful style, ever-changing rainbow hair colour and unabashed confidence. Picture / @baddiewinkle. READ: More great advanced style to follow on Instagram.

Follow Caroline Issa for an fun and intelligent approach to style, with the London-based fashion editor and consultant embracing her natural curls and beginnings of grey hair. Picture / @carolineissa

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