Lip Colours To Love & Inspire

Lipstick has the ability to instantly transform the wearer’s look, and often also their mood. A bold lip adds visual and emotional pep in one stroke.


Clare Andrew | Uber Pink Luxe Liquid Lip Velvet Matte

Clare works in the fashion industry so looking groomed at work is super important to her - Uber Pink supplies that polish. “This colour is nude with a twist, I’d wear it to work because it’s understated yet powerful.”

Clare Andrew | Bitten Peach Luxe Matte Lip Color

This romantic pale peach is an inspired choice for balmy spring days and Clare says she’d save it for fun weekend events. “I’d probably wear this out to lunch on the weekend with a bunch of girlfriends. My favourite spot in Auckland for brunch is Dear Jervois, without a doubt.”

Clare Andrew | Cheeky Peach Luxe Matte Lip Color

Clare’s blessed with a peachy complexion and Cheeky Peach is a fun way to play that up. “I’d wear it on a date night with my fiance going out for a nice meal, just the two of us.”

Aki Ang | Wild Orchid Luxe Liquid High Shine

Dark and shiny lips can instantly elevate a casual outfit to a fashion moment and Aki would wear Wild Orchid to add oomph to either “a simple black suit or plain jeans and t-shirt to make it smarter, a little bit cooler”.

Aki Ang | Tom Boy Luxe Liquid Lip Velvet Matte

A dark nude never goes out of style, it looks modern and fresh with almost any outfit. According to Aki “I would wear it on a day when I know I have a lot of outfit changes; if I was doing a photo shoot, then going to work and I knew I didn’t have time to fix my makeup on the go.”

Aki Ang | Blood Orange Luxe Liquid Lip Velvet Matte

Cheerful citrus shades suit Aki’s up to the moment style and sleek blonde bob, and she’d wear this colour practically anywhere! “I’d wear it all the time - to the Asian supermarket or the post office, to pick up a newspaper or at work.”

Maddy Walker | Wild Orchid Luxe Liquid Shine

This high shine dark gloss is a throwback to the nineties and Maddy would wear it when she’s ready to throw caution to the wind and rock a dramatic lip. “This shade is different from something I would normally go for, it commands a certain level of attention. I like the idea of contrasting this dark colour with a pared-back outfit like a cashmere jumper and a pair of jeans.”

Maddy Walker | Rebel Rose Luxe Matte Lip

The peppy pink of Rebel Rose is perfect for Maddy’s more girlie beauty moments. “I’d wear this with my hair out and when I’ve got my favourite jewellery on, maybe wearing a beautiful blouse. When I want to embrace the more feminine side of my personality!”

Maddy Walker | Fever Pitch Luxe Matte Lip

Maddy is lit up by Fever Pitch and says of the fire engine red; “I’d wear this to a meeting where I need to be confident and feel strong. When I need to be my boldest, best version of myself.”

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