Miley Cyrus' Beauty Evolution: Her Best Looks

The former Disney star went rogue on the glitter and sequins for a time, but we’re pleased to see she’s gone full circle



We couldn’t resist including this adorable snap of two-year-old Miley on her daddy’s hip at Elvis The Tribute in Memphis, Tennessee, 1994. With a dad like country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, it didn’t come as a surprise that the curly haired cutie would make her own mark on the music world.

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Fast forward 12 years and Miley landed herself a role on Disney’s Hannah Montana. She stepped out at the press day wearing just the right amount of makeup for a 14-year-old – a light dusting of eyeshadow, and glossy lips. The actress flashed a toothy smile as she hammed it up for the cameras.

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Taller, blonder, with a whole lot of lashes – Miley showed off her sassy side at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. Sporting a glossy, voluminous hairdo, a golden complexion and spidery mink lashes, Miley turned heads for all the right reasons on the red carpet.

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Herein marks the start of Miley’s tongue-wagging, crotch-grabbing, space bun-wearing phase. She certainly kept us all guessing with which zany hairstyle/lip colour/eyeshadow she’d wear next — and her appearance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards was no exception. This time, her platinum blonde space buns sat high on top of her head, with sides shaved to a number one cut. A matte red lip and I-don’t-give-a-…k nail art completed the look. She wore the same beauty look for her performance of Blurred Lines with Robin Thicke later that night.

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Miley did plenty of gyrating the following year, with a number of images I stumbled upon from 2014 certainly NSFW. And when she wasn’t gyrating, her tongue made just as many red carpet appearances as she did. At the Jeremy Scott during MADE Fashion Week event in 2015, Miley brought her too-rude attitude and pokey-out tongue, along with a beaded necklace and OTT headpiece, comprising all manner of bows, plastic ice-creams, pom poms and streamers. White winged eyeliner and a matte pink lip were just about the only wearable elements of this wacky look.


The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards proved yet another opportunity for Miley to show her wild side, this time styled by celebrity stylist Simone Harouche. Braided, neon pink hair extensions formed Miley’s extra-long ponytail, which was decorated with an oversized tinsel scrunchie. Cherry blossom stickers and powder blue eyeliner made her bright eyes the focus.

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The Younger Now singer was virtually unrecognisable when she visited the Elvis Duran Z100 morning show in 2017. Beachy, ombre-coloured waves were tucked into her felt hat, while her minimal makeup let her naturally dewy skin be the focus.

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Miley brought her A-game to the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, channeling Old Hollywood glamour with this simple yet effective beauty look. Tousled blonde waves and a crimson red lip struck the perfect balance between sophisticated and youthful.

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Miley looked right at home at this year’s camp-themed Met Gala. Although her makeup seemed demure in comparison to previous looks, her ensemble was on point. A lick of winged eyeliner, cut-crease eyeshadow and a choppy fringe were decidedly grown-up choices for the millennial singer-songwriter.

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From child star to polarising pop star, Miley has solidified her status as the queen of reinvention.

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