The Viva Team's Treasured Pets

Some fetch, some frolic, some are spoilt sophisticates — and they're all positively perfect in our eyes


NAME: Arlo

BREED: Tabby

"We got this sweet soul from the SPCA a few years ago and he's completely come out of his shell. He's endlessly curious, and doesn't like eating alone, so he will meow until you stand next to him by his food bowl."

— Julia Gessler, digital/production journalist

NAME: Buster

BREED: Golden retriever

"We have a 16-week-old golden retriever named Buster. He enjoys sleeping places he shouldn't, like our beds or the couch, and he also enjoys landscape gardening, digging up all of my mother-in-law's roses. Luckily for him, he has mastered the art of puppy-dog eyes."

— Laura Hutchins, designer

NAME: Echo

BREED: British blue

"My parents' cat Echo is a much-loved (spoiled) two-year-old British blue who enjoys climbing trees, gardening, sitting in the driver's seat, hiding in hollowed-out logs, playing with boxes and her daily morning walk around the reserve next door. You can often find her greeting neighbours and fans at the top of the driveway, or dozing off in a pot plant in the sun."

— Johanna Thornton, deputy editor

NAME: Georgee

BREED: Golden retriever

"Georgee is my mother-in-law's beloved pup — a mischievous mutt who loves nothing more than tearing off down the beach or playing with her toy duck. She's convinced she's puppy-sized and wastes no time flopping herself into your lap the moment you sit down. Georgee is excellent with other dogs and tiny humans; she has my son Milo in fits of laughter whenever she licks his hands or feet."

— Ashleigh Cometti, beauty editor

NAME: Phoebe

BREED: Silver tabby/Australian mist

"Phoebe is very much a real house-cat from Herne Bay — aggressively flirty, chases the sunshine all hours of the day, likes having her chin and belly tickled and prefers a grazing platter she can snack on during the day over meals. She likes to lie on her side and rest her head on human pillows. The laziest cat there ever was, but charming with it."

— Dan Ahwa, creative director

NAME: Willow

BREED: Miniature schnauzer

"Willow is a no-nonsense dog with a very gentle, sweet nature. She loves cuddles and will often hop into bed with us when we're asleep and put her head on the pillow, human-style."

— Rebecca Barry Hill, Viva contributor

NAME: Freddy

BREED: Labrador/retriever

"Anyone who knows me knows how much I am obsessed with this little guy. We have great chats on FaceTime as he is sadly in Queenstown. He is the most perfect Angel (in my eyes) although he definitely rules the roost."

— Annabel Dickson, fashion assistant.

NAME: Spank

BREED: SPCA rescue cat

"He’s a chill people person, loves a chinwag and is always keen for a cuddle. He’s also still looking handsome for an old boy."

-Emma Gleason, commercial editor


BREED: Golden Retriever / Border Collie cross

" You can't help but fall in love with Ned's enthusiasm for everything. He's super friendly, loves adventures, loves people, is energetic and he's very smart."

- Amanda Linnell, editor

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