Celebrating New Zealand Music's Fashion History

Get inspired for this week's Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards with these iconic outfits on show at Auckland Museum's free Kiwi music exhibition, Volume: Making Music in Aotearoa, on now until May


Lorde's Celine trousers and Prada top worn for her debut Grammy performance, circa 2013, courtesy of Ella Yelich-O’Connor. Picture / Supplied

Herbs T-shirt, on loan from Te Papa, which depicts a tui perched on a taiaha, Rastafarian colours, and koru-inspired font. Picture / Supplied

Dave Dobbyn's jacket, late 1980s, courtesy of Dave Dobbyn. It was made by J Francois Charles Per Piero Panchetti and Dave wore it on the cover of 'The Dave Dobbyn Collection' compilation album. Picture / Studio La Gonda

The Chicks romper, late 1960s, made by Annie Bonza and painted by Murray Grimsdale, courtesy of Judy Hindman. This was part of Judy’s wardrobe when the Chicks became regulars on TV show 'C’mon'. Picture / Supplied

Martin Phillips of the Chills' leather jacket, 1986, courtesy of Martin Phillips. This leather jacket was made famous by the song ‘I Love My Leather Jacket’, which was dedicated to the Chills' drummer Martyn Bull who died and left the jacket to Martin. Picture / NZ Fashion Museum

DD Smash T-shirt, 1985, designed by Dave Dobbyn, courtesy of Dave Dobbyn. The wobbly 80s graphics were inspired by the hairdos of Dave and and his bandmate Peter Warren. Picture / Studio La Gonda

Jacket made and worn by Split Enz drummer and designer Noel Crombie as part of The New Clownz ensemble, 1976, courtesy of the Arts Centre Melbourne's Performing Arts Collection. The harlequin-inspired outfit was part of the band's whole look that included similarly theatrical hair and makeup. Picture / Supplied

Supergroove's tracksuit, about 1993, made by Feline, courtesy of Nick Atkinson. Picture / Supplied

Jacket and trousers made by Noel Crombie of Split Enz, part of the UV costumes for the True Colours album, 1980, courtesy of the Arts Centre Melbourne's Performing Arts Collection. The fabric becomes fluorescent under UV lights, and the design of each was loosely based on the work of artists including Picasso, Mondrian and Kandinsky. Picture / Supplied

Pink fur suit worn by Andrew Fagan of the Mockers, 1981, made by Jane Duurloo, courtesy of Andrew Fagan. Andrew wore it for the ‘Alvison Park' music video and Mockers' Alvison Park tour. He didn’t have time to wash it between gigs, but instead dried the sweat out on heaters in his motel room before the next performance. It was said to have reeked. Picture / Supplied

Alastair Riddell's suit of many colours worn on the cover of the Space Waltz album, 1974, courtesy of Alastair Riddell. Alastair brought this curtain fabric from Smith & Caughey's and had it made into a suit. The irony of a formal suit made from non-traditional colourful fabric appealed to him. Alastair’s mum was a cutter in the ragtrade, and he credits his love of fabric to her. Picture / Studio La Gonda

Jacket and trousers from The Polys collection depicting Pacific motifs, worn by Neil Finn of Split Enz on an international tour, 1978, courtesy of the Arts Centre Melbourne's Performing Arts Collection. Picture / Supplied

Al Rabbit's Beagle Boys jumper, 1980, made by Ali Rat, courtesy of James Pinker. Photo / Supplied

Shirt and collar worn by guitarist Bill Ward from Human Instinct, 1967, courtesy of Bill Ward. Bill had this jacket custom-made in swinging 60s London. The lace collar and cuffs are from a Scottish uniform shop in Oxford St. The band took pride in their appearance and most of them wore clothes from London. Picture / Studio La Gonda

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