New Zealand Photographers Capture The Spirit Of International Women's Day

Viva challenged nine New Zealand photographers to capture the spirit of International Women’s Day in one image



Photographs her grandmother Elaine

“I took this photo of my nanan Elaine, Lucky [the dog] and her two favourite white teddy bears. Her favourite things are Bell tea, animals and her leopard-print high heels. Elderly women are rarely represented just for themselves, and this image celebrates my nanan’s quirkiness and expression to be herself.”


Photographs Jenny Shipley, Jacinda Ardern and Helen Clarke

“Gathering New Zealand’s three female prime ministers to celebrate the 125th anniversary of being the first country in the world to extend voting rights to women: what better reminder of the power and persistence of women’s voices?”


“This image of model Emily Driver wearing Wynn Hamlyn and shot for Black Magazine was Emily’s first editorial and embodies her strength to succeed. Perfectly poised and concentrated, she balanced on the rocks while throwing a rock, questioning our camera’s gaze and overcoming her fears, to create a powerful image beyond her adolescence. Emily’s continued hard work and determination has recently led her to the world stage where she has just walked for power fashion brand Prada in Milan, which is arguably the highest fashion pinnacle to conquer.”


“This is a day to remind us that we are always a flower in full bloom.”

Model / Mileshka Cortes from Clyne. Hair / Sophy Phillips. Makeup / Sarika Patel. Floral arrangement / Georgie Malyon at Greenpoint


Photographs Lizzie Marvelly

“Lizzie’s weekly columns in the Weekend Herald give modern feminism a mainstream platform and they are the first page I turn to every week. Her clear-eyed view of the struggles that women and indigenous communities have to contend with in New Zealand society is really refreshing and I love the fact she isn’t afraid to say what she thinks. I wanted to shoot her in a location that symbolises the best parts of New Zealand culture: environmental awareness, working as a collective and old-fashioned No. 8-wire inventiveness, so I chose Kelmarna community gardens in Ponsonby.”


“As a proud Latino queer woman, my heart and mind see no other choice than to celebrate the qualities that lift me and those that have given me strength throughout my career. That often happens to be a woman. When I’m looking for talent I look for women who inspire me and I try to create a safe space for them to express a powerful side of themselves. In my work, I want to capture what I see in the world, what we see. If I’m going to capture a typically female role such as the housewife I like to blow every aspect out of proportion, laughing among ourselves as well as in the face of social norms.”

Publication / Waves Vintage. Model / Crystal Lim. Styling / Helen Young-Loveridge. Hair / Leandro Moreno. Makeup / Lara Daly


Photographs Manahou Mackay

“Manahou is a bilingual [te reo] 19-year-old woman, living confidently in the face of sexism, racism and sociocultural struggles — she is also transgender. To me she represents the progress for freedom without discrimination, which is at the core of Women’s Rights. She is a reminder we must remain inclusive when campaigning for women’s rights, and deserves to be celebrated on International Women’s Day in 2019.”


“The round form as a symbol for femininity... Becoming a mum myself two years ago made me feel more like a woman than I have ever felt before. I was very comfortable with my body.”


Photographs DJ Shaki Wasasala

“On International Women’s Day, it’s important to remember that equality, like wealth, doesn’t subscribe to trickle-down theory. None of us are free until all of us are free.”

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