Wow at World of WearableArt

A few of the standout looks from this year's competition


'Get Behind Me Satan' by Rodney Leong from New Zealand.

'Exotic' by Qianwen Hong from Donghua University in China.

'Kaleidoscope' by Tess Tavener Hanks from the University of Technology in Australia.

'm45 Pleiades' by Maria Tsoponaki and Dimitri Mavinis from the United Kingdom.

'Brave New World' by Ewelina Kosmal from Poland.

'For Annie' by Doreen Helms & Susan Thurner from New Zealand..

'Starship Girl' by Julian Hartzog from the United States.

'Mona' by Kerryta Chau, Wing Lam Yeung and Emily Lau from Hong Kong.

'On Reflection' by Philippa Stichbury from Australia.

'The Piper Of The Lights' by Chris and Gary Wilson from New Zealand.

'Templa Mantis' by Daniella Sasvari from New Zealand.

'The Stitch Witch' by Sarah Seahorse and Luna Aquatica from Victoria University, New Zealand.

'To Be Or Not To Be' by Joanna Peacock from the United Kingdom.

'Tinker' by Jeff Thomson in New Zealand.

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