Inside Diet Paratha's First-Ever NZ Event Championing South Asian Creativity

Hosted by New Zealand-born creative Anita Chhiba, the speaker-panel event at QT rooftop was a hub for connecting community


Four creative leaders, namely, Vogue India's Megha Kapoor, trans advocate and content creator Kris Fox, writer and accessibility advocate Latifa Daud, and actor and podcast host Saraid de Silva, shared their respective journeys.

"The purpose of the event [was] to connect the community here in Auckland and create legitimate opportunities moving forward for South Asian creatives in New Zealand. I’m talking about projects that go beyond visual representation to eradicate performance activism. Projects that fairly pay and uphold respect for the talent and the process, ensuring that we are the ones telling our own stories with diversity behind the scenes as well as front facing," said Diet Paratha founder Anita Chhiba.

Photos / Supplied

Elly Hui of Meide Studio. Photo / Supplied

Kris Fox and Saraid de Silva. Photo / Supplied

Make-up artist Sarika. Photo / Supplied

Zeenat Wilkinson from Sauce Magazine. Photo / Supplied

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