Party People: Viva Sessions 'On the Pulse'

See who came to the Viva fashion show, featuring looks from young designers


Jessica Skinner and Liz Gross.

Juliet Linnell, Helen Wesseling and Lorena Macedo.

Toni Obern, Tanya Singe and Nicola Lee.

Guests were treated to delicious Grey Goose cocktails.

Viva managing editor Amanda Linnell and Maree Gantley before the show.

Designer Olivia Brown.

Elizabeth Morris and Vicky McCulloch.

Jayne Stenberg and Julie Coughlan.

Sean Whittaker, Vicki Beabis and Asher Walker.

Ava Smits and Nikki Fox.

Diana Diep.

Christine Earnshaw and Adrienne Mills.

Deirdry Rikys and Heather Matthews.

Asha Lal and Anita Patel.

Viva writer Rosie Kelway, Roshannah Bagley and Eugenie designer Liz Wilson.

Designer Jarrad Godman and Sophia Doak.

Designers Lucilla Gray and Rachel Mills.

Livi and Toni Obein.

Linda and Kevin McLeod.

Lynda Smyth, Yalada Chu and Carmen Farac.

Wynn Hamlyn designer Wynn Crawshaw and Penny Pickard.

Alexandra Lincoln, Deidre Little, Maree Gantley, Jett Kirwin and Angie Russell.

Krystie Moynitian and Lea Cowley.

Ilona Driesen, Sue Joe and Jo Bell.

Georgia Cordtx and Taylor Leonard.

The new Alaia Paris fragrance scented the venue.

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