Looking Back At Miss Crabb's Greatest Hits

Kristine Crabb looks back at some of her favourite pieces as she celebrates 14 years in business



"I’ve been friends with Maiangi Waitai of Dead Martin since the late 90s and collaborating on clothes and business since 2001. The themes usually arise out of remote conversations (we live in different towns) about boys and love, music and dreams or progressive slogans. Stuff that makes us laugh and really mixing things up! The reason it works so well is that my work is so fluid and billowy and Maiangi’s decorative appliqué kind of draped and transformed the garments into something fresh.

Maiangi would never know what I was going to send her and I would never know what she was going to send back! This particular time, I sent her a bunch of tops and skirts which she then put together to create a bunch of dresses — I thought it was so genius. They were artfully draped and fitted with intense hand applique with flowers and lovers".

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"I’d just come through having my beautiful Irish twins and the GFC recession etc, which was hard.

Somehow, I had managed some solid studio time and came up with two fresh new pieces which signaled a new, more minimalist aesthetic. These went on to become probably our most popular and significant Miss Crabb styles. Around this time was when I finally understood the aesthetic of electronic music, specifically minimal techno and house music which has influenced most of what I have been making for the last eight years or so."

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RISE 2005

"I was listening to a lot of 80s heavy metal and death metal and feeling so energised by the intensity and dark themes of the music. I had just opened Miss Crabb so I spent a lot of time just working in the studio (hence the rather anti-social music) and came up with this very simple full circle dress. It’s named after a Sepultura album, Arise. I just thought it was a powerful and liberating piece and has gone on to become probably our most signature piece which we have been producing ever since 2005."

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"I’ve been a longtime fan of Julee Cruise, since Twin Peaks days in the 90s. Her music style influenced my fashion mood. She brought out an electronic album 15 years ago called Dreams Top Rock which for me those three words, like a poem, symbolises and is everything that we aspire to at Miss Crabb.

‘Witches’ because of the magically clever silhouette and the evil appeal of it. I feel like these two dresses are our most subversively sexy dresses ever made, which again have been so well received and been producing ever since we started making them. They are fully bias cut to take up the full width of the fabric — so no fabric is wasted in production. The full volume nature of the pieces fit every woman’s frame like a total dream, and can be worn a multitude of different ways for any time of the day."

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Viva Five Favourite Things: Miss Crabb PR manager and Makeup artist Katie Melody Rogers shared some of her favourite things with Viva in 2017, like this shocking pink Miss Crabb jumpsuit.

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Jasmine Edgar from Still Life shared her Miss Crabb x Dead Martin dress and bag with Viva in 2015.

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"I love when Kristine and artist Richard Orjis collaborate - Richard's take on fashion is always artful, refreshing and surprising.Still in love with this campaign from the duo from spring/summer 2006/2007." — Dan Ahwa, Viva fashion editor.

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Miss Crabb's anarchic collection shown at New Zealand Fashion Week 2005.

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