The Viva Team's Style Evolution

We celebrate personal style this week, and we take a look back at the team's style beginnings, featuring 80s print jumpers, 90s slip dresses and more


"I don't know how old I am in this photo, but it was definitely the mid-90s. I think this Christmas Day look captures my future adult penchant for really simple, classic basics: black T-shirt, button-up denim skirt, leather belt and a brown leather strap watch (I'd totally wear this outfit today!). Bonus points for the cat necklace and resting bitch face."

— Zoe Walker, associate editor (with sister Jade and cousin Paige)

“I used to treat my grandma's wardrobe as my dress-up box. Standing on the balcony at our beach house, I was very chuffed with my summery floral race-day ready outfit on this particular day. I think it reflects me now as I have continued to like wearing pretty things, especially blush. My wardrobe is full of blush.” — Lucy Casley, designer

"I think I'd just turned 15 in this photo — we celebrated my birthday when I was overseas on this trip. The photo was taken in 1991 in Las Vegas with my best friend Catherine Volovinis. I was really into American football and basketball T-shirts (although not the sport).

I bought loads of sports clothing on this trip, like a bomber jacket and several baseball shirts. I'm also wearing my favourite purple baggy jeans with sandals — I used to wear these jeans with a long-sleeved bodysuit too."

— Babiche Martens, photographer

"We lived really remotely in the back blocks of Taihape until I was 9, and our mum made all of our clothes — even down to our underwear.

In this picture I’m about 11, and am sporting my pride and joy — a hand-made jumper which I wore until it fell apart. The denim skirt is something I’d still wear today (in fact, I have about three of them) and you can’t see my feet, but I can guarantee that I’ll be wearing a pair of black kung-fu shoes — the height of fashion in the late-80s. In fact, I’d probably still wear these today as well! While my jumper tastes these days are a little more subtle, I still like a strong print."

- Shandelle Battersby, lifestyle and commercial editor

"Me back in 1998, wearing my lavender slip dress to a wedding on Molokai, Hawaii. These days, the shoe string straps are no longer a feature in my wardrobe!"

— Angela Casley, recipe editor

"A bad jumper with some bad shorts. Eight years old, Christmas morning, wide-eyed and excited to open presents. Nothing has changed since - I still get excited by presents, and am still prone to a little bad taste.

— Dan Ahwa, fashion editor

"This is me circa 1983-84 in a Polaroid taken during the shooting of an experimental student film I can remember very little of — possibly I was meant to be an alien femme fatale. The winged eye makeup was very real world of the time, but I've certainly layered on the contour and the colour. I had a great hairdresser called Christopher Jones back in Christchurch then and I loved blue-black dye, until I developed a sensitivity to it. The mohair dress was by a local designer called Robert Gormack who won a Benson & Hedges Design Award once. I see I've matched my lipstick to it and I do recall wearing the dress out and about and getting some odd looks. It had a hoop hemline as well."

— Janetta Mackay, beauty editor.

"Here I am in 2005 at 12, naturally I’ve matched my wrap cardie to my ballet flats. My parents used to take me on trips to Supre in Takapuna, which was my idea of pure heaven at the time — layering up to three stretchy pastel tops all at once was my go-to look. I’d rather forget, however, a slogan tee I used to wear that read “Blondes have more fun, brunettes can read”.

— Danielle Clausen, editorial and fashion assistant

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