Best of Backstage Beauty at NZFW

Rosie Kelway is backstage at NZ Fashion Week bringing you the beauty you don't want to miss


A handful of models had blue eyeliner at Penny Sage, referencing the denim and blue garments in the collection.

Gold eyeshadow with a graphic eyeliner at Hailwood, directed by by M.A.C makeup artist Lochlain Stonehouse.

Nude nails backstage.

Stolen Girlfriends Club’s hair was created by Redken creative director Richard Kavanagh, inspired by underground culture. “Every model in the show had a different look. It needed to feel grungy and gritty and lived in; almost like the girl from last season had grown up, started staying over at her boyfriend’s place and it was the next day.”

M.A.C's Kiekie Stanners created the make-up look for Stolen Girlfriends Club.

Hat hair never looked so cool, as seen at Stolen Girlfriends Club.

The beauty look at Knuefermann, by Athena Pessione of M.A.C.

The hair at Knuefermann was cinched back into a low bun or ponytail, with loose flyways; created by Redken creative director Richard Kavanagh.

The team from Rotorua salon St Bruno created the fabulous hair look at Kharl-William Wirepa.

Nail charts backstage at Huffer. M.A.C Studio Nail Lacquers were used on models in colours Diva Fierce, Spoonful of Sugar, Tiara on Top, Nocturnelle and Erogenous (stylist chose nail colour for models based on their individual look).

Richard Kavanagh for Redken created over 30 different hair looks for the Huffer show, based on each model's individual style. Here he is doing Rain Katayanagi's hair, she opened the show with her identical sister China.

The model lineup at Huffer.

Kiekie Stanners' make-up kit backstage at Huffer. The look she created for the models at Huffer was about celebrating and embracing each individual face. “Enhancing iconic features and personalising the makeup to suit the canvas – no two faces are the same,” she said.

Poems were hand drawn onto models at Salasai by the M.A.C. team.

Wigs and berets backstage at the Eugenie show. The choppy wigs were cut by stylist Benjamin James from Ryder Salon.

Ultra-high gloss lips at Harman Grubisa. On the lips M.A.C Pro Longwear lip pencil was applied in Ms Diva with lipstick in Sin over the top and finished off with Clear Lipglass.

The makeup moodboard at Harman Grubisa. The make-up look was inspired by the ornateness of the Baroque period said M.A.C’s senior artist Kiekie Stanners with “super luxurious, delicate touches on the face.”

The moodboard at Salasai, with makeup directed by M.A.C senior artist Kiekie Stanners.

One of two different hair looks at Harman Grubisa, directed by Stephen Marr creative director Matt Benns. They were based on designers Madeleine Harman and Jessica Grubisa's personal hair. The brief from Jess was one of her wonderful selfies. “Of course your brief is a picture of yourself,” Matt laughed after the show.

M.A.C products used at Harman Grubisa.

Press on nails being applied backstage at Harman Grubisa, the colour used was M.A.C Studio Nail Lacquer in Sour Cherry.

80s-inspired beauty backstage at Wynn Hamlyn, with makeup by Smashbox and hair by Sara Allsop and her team at Dharma Salon.

Each model had an individual beauty and hair look at Eugenie, with makeup created by M.A.C's Kiekie Stanners

Each hair wrap at Jarrad Godman took approximately eight hours to create. Servilles contractor Fox Stevens created the look, explaining backstage that the only real parallel to hairdressing was creating something that could balance on the head. The references Jarrad had sent through reminded Fox of the work by artists Jeanne-Claude and Christo, who have been known to wrap buildings in fabric and tie them in string. “It made me think of sculptures wrapped up, hidden. He sent me the fabric and that dictated the way they were wrapped – ultimately they were sculptures.”

Miss Crabb’s beauty references were PJ Harvey with a pop of Andy Warhol. "I love PJ Harvey in the 90s – she went through a drag queen phase with slicked back hair, it was quite wild and raw," designer Kristine Crabb said before the show. "I wanted to exaggerate the classic blue eyes and massive overdrawn red lips."

Makeup and hair backstage at the Eugenie show.

M.A.C senior artist Kiekie Stanners' show notes at Miss Crabb.

Wild slicked back hair created by the team at Stephen Marr.

Kiekie applying a bold red lip on model Derya Parlak at Miss Crabb.

Crimped hair at Lucilla Gray created by Matt Benns and his team from Stephen Marr.

The finished Miss Crabb beauty look.

Slick glamorous finger rolls at Hailwood, by Vada Hhair salon.

Beautiful dewy skin at Penny Sage, with beauty by the team at Smashbox.

The hair at Penny Sage was natural and undone, as though the models had done it themselves, explained hairstylist Sara Allsop for Fudge.

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