Food Instagram Accounts Worth Following

Brighten up your feed with these inspiring food and drink Instagram accounts



Local artist Rose Young makes tiny food out of polymer clay.


A cake and cookie designer from Vancouver, Canada.


Gravity-defying images of food and kitchen utensils by Iena70.


Florida cocktail stylist Josue Romero shares his fantastical creations.


Chef Jacques La Merde is actually Toronto-based chef Christine Flynn whose parody food flat-lays featuring tiny versions of junk food took the internet by storm.


Melissa Hie travels the world and posts images of local specialties in front of scenic backgrounds.


Wellington-based cookbook author Unna Burch, aka The Forest Cantina.


Chef Rene Redzepi has been posting images from Noma Mexico, the famous restaurant's pop-up in the Mexican jungle.


The account of Boston chef Lucia Lee who favours minimal food styling.


Clooney chef Jacob Kear shares lovely pictures of his creations in the kitchen.


The artistic account of Brittany Wright, a food photographer from San Diego.

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