LOL! Funny Instagram Accounts to Follow

Add some humour to your feed with these funny fashion Instagram accounts



The hilarious account of London-based Freddie Smithson, who creates perfect collages that combine pop culture and fashion: think the Kardashian klan Photoshopped onto the bodies of the Spice Girls or Theresa May's head superimposed onto a Balenciaga runway look.

He's obsessed with Rihanna and the Queen, putting Her Majesty's face on the singer's iconic looks (she shared some of them on her account recently too).


Sidney Prawatyotin is behind fashion's favourite funny account, described by Vogue as an "absurd and funny perspective on fashion from the runway, street style, and award ceremonies".

A mash-up of images that create something new, some of our favourites include a Margiela model stalking a grey office, street style star Giovanna Engelbert in feathery Prada being watched by Big Bird, and this Easter post featuring a Comme des Garcons clad model at the supermarket.


Chris Rellas' high and low, collage-focused account mixes celebrity, fashion, politics and art history, with pop culture-inspired edits (hello Kim Kardashian with added braces; Kellyanne Conway cast in a Versace campaign) and funny updates of historical art images (Raphael's Pope Julius II wearing a pair of sparkly Gucci sunglasses; Rembrandt’s Bathsheba at Her Bath with added Proenza Schouler heels).


Playing into the internet's current nostalgia fest for Sex and the City, this account documenting the show's fashion looks is run by friends Chelsea Fairless and Lauren Garroni.

Both have a way with words and offer some genius fashion writing, unpacking the outfits of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda, Big, Stanford, Bunny MacDougal and more.

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The premise of this charming account is simple: photos of Meryl Streep expertly superimposed onto photos of food. Samantha Raye created the account in 2016, and has since put the superstar actress' face on baguettes, tacos and a tasty Hershey pie.


Two models anonymously run this account, which offers a darkly funny look inside the world of modelling - or, more specifically, model problems showcased through memes.


If you love quirky illustrations and fashion puns, follow Angelica Hicks' account right now. The London and New York-based illustrator - who is distantly related to Prince Charles - shares her colourful and striking sketches that will leave you giggling.

She also recently released a book, if you still like the feeling of paper between your fingers.


Described as a "Professional Memer", Sebastian Tribbie's account will bring the sass and the snark to your feed - taking on celebrities, fashion designers, reality stars and more.

In April he was asked to be part of Gucci's #TFWGucci campaign (That Feeling When), which featured Gucci-themed memes on Instagram - Sebastian's contribution a take on the classic Starter Pack meme.


New Yorker Julie Houts, a womenswear designer at J.Crew, shares her clever illustrations that lovingly mock fashion, social media and 'aesthetics' - like her much shared guide to Coachella style.

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