Versatile Dresses Under $200

Stuck for something to wear? These affordable dresses will take you anywhere


Coop dress $199. Ruby belt $85.

Ruby dress $189. Karen Walker boots $590. Sollis earrings, $199, from World.

Witchery dress $150. Karen Walker boots $490.

Topshop dress $100.

Vintage Calvin Klein dress, $139, from The Mercantile. Vintage boots, $250, from Vixen.

Topshop dress $115. Ruby heels $299. Levante tights, $17, from Smith and Caugheys (worn throughout). Stylist's own earrings.

Hi There by Karen Walker dress $200.

Storm dress $159.

Witchery dress, $170, and shoes $180.

Max dress $160.

Max dress $140.

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