How We're Wearing Our Reebok Club Cs

The Viva team put their unique style spin on these classics sneakers, with a look into our personal wardrobes


Dan Ahwa, fashion and creative director

I remember wearing my first pair of Reebok Club Cs with a pair of purple track pants and a stonewash denim jacket. I thought I looked pretty cool for a five-year-old. Today I'd still honour its retro vibes with plenty of corduroy, a summer shirt and a bucket hat. These shoes encourage you to express yourself - so why not have fun with it?

Amanda Linnell, managing editor

Suits can be surprisingly versatile and easy to wear – particularly if they’re made from linen, which is ideal for summer. Pairing one with white sneakers like Reebok Club Cs brings a suit down to earth in a way that’s great for everyday life.

Lucy Casley, designer

A cute skirt suit paired with white Reebok Club C sneakers is one of my favoured looks. I have two skirt suits that I wear on rotation. To balance my dressing tones, I wear a soft colour on top to resemble my shoes, like this cream knit.

Emma Gleason, commercial editor

I have quite nostalgic personal style, so I love the 80s heritage of Reebok Club Cs. I’m channelling a vintage mum vibe by pairing these classic sneakers with merino socks, floral prints in my favourite colour (brown) and a cute waistcoat. I also plan to wear them with loose blue jeans and a chunky Aran sweater for another spin on the decade.

Johanna Thornton, contributing editor

Reebok Club Cs bring a casual vibe to what would otherwise be quite a dressed-up outfit. I like the tempering effect of sneakers and denim on delicate fabrics like silk, turning this pink skirt and white polo combo into elevated everyday wear. Plus I can get around faster in sneaks.

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