The Return of Sexy Dressing

From figure-hugging corsets to sensual slips, the definition of sexy is open for interpretation


Long favoured by Hollywood’s leading ladies thanks to its glossy finish, nothing says siren quite like figure-hugging satin, especially in Ferrari red. Miss Crabb dress $450. S:Made earrings $27.

Animal prints lend exoticism to the wearer — the same appeal Raquel Welch exuded in that hide bikini. Perhaps the woman behind the clothes, too, is wild at heart? Jane wears a vintage jacket, $239, from The Mercantile. Equipment dress, $790, from Adorno. Prada corset $1400. Levante tights, $17, from Smith and Caugheys.

A corset accentuates the waist, while a billowy bell-sleeve blouse provides a provocative peek of what’s underneath. Kay Goss top, $733, and pants $564. Prada corset $1130. Miu Miu pearl necklace $690.

A touch of leather, that recurring symbol of rebellion, adds toughness to any outfit. Kay Goss feather trim top, $645, and velvet pants $564. Neuw leather jacket $799.

Nonchalantly slipped off the shoulders, a bandeau reveals the most underrated of womanly parts: the decolletage. Georgia Alice top, $539, and skirt $529. Pascoes tennis bracelet $129. S:Made earrings $27. Levante tights, $17, from Smith & Caughey’s. Kathryn Wilson shoes $299.

Intricate, delicate and often barely there, a lace dress provides instant sophistication. Kate Sylvester dress $679. Prada notebook $515.

An elegant garment is more compelling with bondage-inspired ties and buckles. Stella McCartney slip $320. Wynn Hamlyn skirt $330. Meadowlark 9ct gold earrings $4999. Pascoes 9ct gold coin pendant $549.

Simultaneously plain and sensual, one could be tempted to slink straight into bed wearing a slip dress. Shjark dress $399. Stella McCartney slip $320. Pascoes earrings $99.

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