Photos: Viva's Exclusive True Cost Screening

See who was at the eye-opening documentary screening in Auckland last night


Vicki Taylor of Taylor Boutique and The Shelter, Belinda Watt, head of fashion at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design, and Bruna Pastuk of Taylor Boutique. Picture / Anna Lee

Viva writers Rebecca Barry Hill, Rosie Kelway and Fiona Ralph. Picture / Anna Lee

Zambesi's Elisabeth Findlay. Picture / Anna Lee

Mareikura and Danica Waiti. Picture / Anna Lee

Lexi Damen and Aimee Short. Picture / Anna Lee

Zoe Garrett and Ruby Romanos. Picture / Anna Lee

Belinda Watt and Dianne Ludwig of the NZ Fashion Museum. Picture / Anna Lee

Anny Ma of PR agency Showroom22. Picture / Anna Lee

Guests enjoyed cocktails courtesy of Rogue Society Gin. Picture / Anna Lee

Georgia Bowden and Viva recipe editor Angela Casley. Picture / Anna Lee

Christine Sharma and Anna-Lise Sharma of Ruby, with NZ Fashion Week's Dame Pieter Stewart. Pictures / Anna Lee

Kate Webby of Vend and Simon Pound of Vend and Ingrid Starnes. Picture / Anna Lee

Guests were treated to items from [Sans] Ceuticals. Picture / Anna Lee

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