8 Blazers to Freshen Up Your Wardrobe

The versatile blazer is a wardrobe saving grace - working no matter the situation. Wear it well with these easy styling tips


Elevate a pair of slouchy jeans with a tweed blazer and pumps. Isabel Marant Etoile blazer, $750, and jeans, $350, from Adorno. Workshop sweater $269. Isabel Marant Etoile shoes, $889, from Workshop.

Keep it sharp and simple in black and white. Kate Sylvester blazer, $389, and trousers $272. Eugenie silk shirt $395.

Pair a silk suit with sneakers and a T-shirt for relaxed polish. Tibi blazer, $1550, and trousers, $895, from Muse. Liam T-shirt $89. Isabel Marant sneakers, $589, from Workshop.

Try a tailored blazer for the weekend by pairing it with trusty basics. State of Grace blazer $425. Liam T-shirt $89. Isabel Marant Etoile jeans, $350, from Adorno.

Experiment with an interesting closure, like this threaded belt that can also be tied. Wynn Hamlyn blazer, $455, and shorts $265 (available August). Liam T-shirt $89. Chloe boots, $1929, from Workshop.

Switch up your office look and combine a double breasted blazer, turtleneck and exaggerated flares. Ruby blazer $249. Gregory sweater $272. Karen Walker pants $303. Mi Piaci shoes $290.

Stay cosy and layer with your favourite sweatshirt. Helen Cherry blazer $798. Georgia Alice sweatshirt, $299, from Muse. Isabel Marant Etoile jeans, $350, from Adorno.

Stick to clean lines when trying out an unexpected shade like olive green. Christopher Esber blazer, $1395, from Muse. Liann Bellis trousers $339. Mi Piaci shoes $290.

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