What Do Your Clothes Say About You?

Fashion is an immediately recognisable public statement of identification and communication. Getting dressed is a fascinating form of expression. What do your clothes say about you?


DREAMY: Jimmy D dress $480. Vintage earrings, $119, from The Mercantile.

TOUGH: Louis Vuitton blazer, $5350, hat, $2090, ankle boots, $2900, and leather pants (POA).

PLAYFUL: Jarrad Godman dress, $320, and robe $650. Wynn Hamlyn pants $399.

ELEGANT: Miss Crabb bed coat $650. Prada heels $1810. Levante tights, $17, from Smith & Caughey’s.

HAPPY: Stolen Girlfriends Club shirt $389. Maia holds The Allotment by Cat Fooks (2016) 405 x 320mm. Oil and enamel on board with mixed media. On display at Anna Miles Gallery.

POWERFUL: Prada dress, $3455, corset, $1285, belt, $740, and notebook $515.

CALM: Kate Sylvester dress $399. Vintage necklace, $119, from The Mercantile.

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