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Six pieces that survived the 1970s


3. THE JUMPSUIT | Good for all heights, sizes and ages, and previously known as the boilersuit, this was the ultimate in reactionary feminist, utilitarian clothing. It’s still all those things, as well as feminine and androgynously sexy. Penny Sage cotton silk jumpsuit $450.

1. THE SKINNY SCARF | Belt, hairband, bag embellishment, bondage prop, neck adornment, the skinny scarf is an exceptionally useful shape-shifter. A must in every style first-aid kit. Kate Sylvester silk scarf $145.

2. THE BLAZER | Marlene Dietrich blazed a masculine trail in the 1930s, but it was another four decades before it went mass. Worn as part of a trouser suit (exemplified by the independent spirit of those Charlie perfume ads), this item of clothing has never been bettered. It’s just that now you can buy decent ones on the high street. Country Road blazer $399.

4. THE SOFT DRESS | Dreamy and earthy at the same time, it is the ultimate day-to-night piece. Not that we knew that back then. Diane von Furstenberg silk-chiffon dress, about $920, from

5. THE TANK | Much derided when home-knitted and in mustard yellow, the 2015 version is sharper and cleaner - and very useful as a mid-season layer. Topshop tank top, about $140.

6. THE BLOCK HEEL | Seventies women knew that elevation didn’t have to mean agony. Noughties women had no idea. Fashion doesn’t always equate with enlightenment. Kate Sylvester leather heel $595.

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