Find Your Bliss at Fashion Week

Simple ways to stay centred during NZFW


Put a crystal in your bag: Whenever you feel the need to centre your chakra, why not clutch a crystal? There are so many options, that surely one will emit the positive vibes you’ll need to cope with the MADNESS! CHAOS! and DRAMA! of Fashion Week.

Write a poem: The elixir for a muddled mind. Take a pad, pen and a beret and just let your creative juices flow while waiting for a show to begin. Bongo drum optional.

Light a candle: Place a scented candle on the seat next to you, calmy smile at the scowling faces around you and make the most of the serenity.

#BlessedGoodies: Take each item out of your goody bag and line them up. Thank each item individually, and then ask yourself, does this 'spark joy?'

Turmeric overdose: Turmeric is the new black, whether it’s in a latte or a smoothie. The yellow spice will, reportedly, be able to solve all your problems, so drink up.

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